Kris Murray Gets Slammed by Chair in a Baugh Fight

Wow!  From Jason Young at Save Anaheim — and please click that link for the graphics:

Sources tell Save Anaheim that OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh asked Kris Murray to remove his name from any future campaign literature. Clearly the Republican party isn’t happy with Mrs. Murray’s crony capitalist ways.

Scott Baugh, you have surprised me!  I didn’t think that the GOP’s ire at Lucille Kring’s challenge to Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait would reach these heights.  I wonder whether similar retractions of endorsements by Shawn Nelson and Todd Spitzer and others will follow.  (Personal note to my opponent Tony Rackauckas: I hope that you won’t retract your endorsement of her until after our June 3 election.  I’d appreciate the anchor of Kris Murray being firmly attached to your ankle until then.  Cordially, etc.)

Murray, Baugh, Kring

“You don’t like my supporting her running for Mayor, Chairman Baugh? Well, there’s NOTHING you can do about it, because you’ve ALREADY endorsed me — and THAT can’t be undone! BAUGH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Here’s the problem for Murray: with Republican James Vanderbilt apparently running for Council, the GOP has an easy way out: endorsing Vanderbilt and Gail Eastman to keep both factions happy.  That drives a wedge between Eastman and Murray.  I don’t expect to be endorsing any of them, so long as a couple of viable Democrats run, but I can distinguish between who’s a leader in pillaging Anaheim (that’d be Murray) and who’s a mere follower (Eastman) who might someday listen to reason — and while she’s been a reliable vote would not be the kind of precision tool for Curt Pringle’s tinkering that Murray has been.

Nice find, Jason Young!  Now that you’re publishing again, back onto the blogroll with you!

Update:  As some have inquired, here’s the Murrbot’s list of endorsers on her invite to her April 2 fundraiser:

Murray Endorsers

Some people on this list are just doing their jobs.  Some are pulling a job on the rest of us.

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