Kobe…you little twit-ter!

The NBA trading deadline has come and passed.  Thank goodness the Lakers at least kept Pau Gasol….until Kobe gets back.  They did however in their wisdom finally dump Steve Blake to the Golden State Warriors for two unknowns.  It was time.  Blake is much like Matt Barnes was…..a great shooter until the last four minutes of the game.   Speaking of Matt Barnes….he was almost dumped by the Clippers……but escaped at the last minute.  As long as the Clippers don’t need Barnes in the last four minutes of any game…….he should probably stick around.  As for Blake…….he will do very well at Golden State, because he can spell their stars in the 2nd and 3rd periods.  At any rate, Kobe unloaded on Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak about the Blake trade on his Twitter Account.  Kobe is funny as a crutch…….Kobe didn’t even mention LeBron’s broken nose……or the loss of the Women’s USA Hockey Team to those nasty Canadian “Hosers”.

The LA Lakers are finally buried in the cellar of of their division, tied with the Sacramento Kings….18 and 36….with just 32 games to go.  We are betting that the Vegas Gamblers are taking bets on how many games the Lakers will win out of that 32.  Right now we are guessing they might win EIGHT if they are very lucky and don’t have too many good teams to face.   There odds of not remaining in the cellar are about 50% right now.  Jordan Farmar was supposed to replace the great Derek Fischer.  That could have been so, except injury has made that suggestion – a total non-starter.  Steve Nash was supposed to regain his ageless SuperStar status…..except injury made that a total non-starter.  Meeks?  Injury too….  The list of the walking wounded seems endless.  Would being healthy make any of it better?  Probably not.  The losses might be 2 to 6 points instead of the 15 to 30 points they are now.

Laker management is at fault.  They bring in Kurt Rambus and then put him fourth in line to make any meaniful decisions.  Leadership and professional organizations make Championships.  Bringing Doc Rivers to the Clippers has gone a long way in making them at least able to shoot for a Western Division Title or more…..in 2014.  We can fault Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak and Mike D’Antoni more for their failures at producing any form of  “Lakers Team Performance”.  Kobe and Pau are pieces …… currently broken pieces – of a concept of team.  Right now, the Lakers are metaphorically:  the 1955 College All Stars playing against the NBA Champion Boston Celtics.  Their individual meaningless flashes of brilliance mean nothing at the end of every game.  So it is with our LA Lakers.

Kobe looked good doing his interview at the NBA All Star game.  His audition for Sports Center next year….was impressive.  Kobe, has done more for LA Laker Basketball than he needed to do.  Kobe needs to do a Ted Williams and a Mickey Mantle and retire before people start to forget how magnificent a player that he was.  Steve Nash needed to retire two years ago.  It is sad to see the remnants of a great career.  No one could break your heart faster than Steve Nash in “his day” with the Phoenix Suns.  Now, not so much.  Steve brings nothing to the concept of “LA Laker Team Excellence” at this point.  We will all look back at these Mike D’Antoni and Mike Brown years with the Lakers and be glad that they are over.

The Lakers need a Rebirth!  We need to go to the alter of the Basketball Gods…….and bring forth a new concept and new creative force of nature.  Watching and listening to the various talking head Sports Reporters is laughable.  They cannot finally just grasp what Charles Barkley said several months ago.  “The Lakers stink……their team stinks and their coach stinks and the organization stinks!”

We love you Kobe……..but don’t get traded, don’t come back next year………….retire with all the great honors!  Kobe, be bigger, stronger and greater than any other NBA player……go directly to ESPN and the Sports Center…..do not pass go….do not collect $32 Million dollars.  Leave the Lakers much better than you found them….with plenty of money and no excuses.  Do not become the Laker flogging tool!  “If only Kobe…..didn’t have that big contract….the Lakers could be great!”   Our opinion:  All the money in the world can’t create “Team Excellence” …that takes Leadership.

Kobe….you little twit-er!  What do you think?

Editor’s note:  Did you guys say “twit?”  I thought I heard somebody say “twit!”

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