Johnny One Note?

The major hype for the 2014 National Football League season centers around the next draft of an assortment of rookies which are destined to be sensational draws to the 2014-2015 NFL Season.  The great clown of the draft oddly is not named Clowny…..which is a phenominal NFL Defensive prospect.  Clowny can sack anyone and will undoubtedly become one of the great NFL players of all time – as long as he can stay healthy.  Having looked at what is ahead for the NFL season….all the big talk is about Johnny “Football” Manziel, the sophomore quarterback from Texas A & M.  His obnoxious behavior is already up there with Dennis Rodman and Tiger Woods.  He considers himself a “spoiled rich kid” businessman who make Dwight Howard pale in comparison to his Superman image.  Manziel has already threatened the Houston Texans that unless they draft him (they have the first choice in the 2014 NFL Draft) he will be their worst nightmare.  We agree.

We believe that Johnny Manziel  needs to be drafted by arguably the most obnoxious owner in the NFL – Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.   Let’s look at this option honestly.  The Dallas Golden Boy – Tony Romo just had back surgery in the off season.  Tony is know to fail every time there is a prime time game or worse than that – a play-off game.  Imagine if you will, that Tony Romo plays eight games and Johnny Manziel playes eight games.   Johnny “Football” needs to go to the Dallas Cowboys….big time!

Two other highly touted NFL prospects at the quarterback position are:  Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville and Blake Bortles from Central Florida.  Our advice is simple:  Houston Texans – take either one of these prospects and swiftly move on down the road.  The other team that dreadfully needs a good quarterback is the St. Louis Rams.  They may have to take whoever is left over.

If anyone saw the interview on Charlie Rose of Russell Wilson last night, we are sure they are still be inspired and morally awakened.  If you missed it, be sure and pull up the PBS interview that you missed last night.

All in all, we are hopeful that the 2014-2015 NFL Season will be a great one and everyone will have fun playing fantasy football.   If not, it will be a great year to see Johnny “Football” become what he really is.  Johnny One Note?

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