Fullerton Fails to Block DA’s Access to Police Records in Murder Trial

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Who directed a Fullerton attorney to try to block the District Attorney’s access to police records in a murder case?

Late last month Orange County’s District Attorney filed a motion to review the personnel records  of ex-Fullerton Police Officers Manual Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, currently on trial in the death of Kelly Thomas. The DA is seeking to undermine the credibility of a defense witness, FPD Cpl. Stephen Rubio, who earlier testified that neither of the men acted outside of department policy the night that Thomas was severely beaten and never regained consciousness. Prosecutors in the case will only have access to the parts of the records involving the officers’ interactions with Kelly Thomas on July 5, 2011.

Presiding Judge William Froeberg ruled for the prosecution on December 27, to allow the DA’s team to see the records. These records will presumably show that both officers were fired for their actions, casting doubt on Cpl. Rubio’s testimony in court that neither man violated department policy by first threatening, then beating Kelly Thomas…

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