Anti-Immigrant Groups Slam Bemused Republicans Who Signed Conciliatory Letter

Mansoor and immigration protesters

Allan Mansoor, perhaps having inadvertently signed an immigration reform letter, sweats out anti-reform protests.

I have no idea why I as a non-subscriber am able to see this OC Register story on immigration reform — but I can, so you can too!  Here’s as much as I can republish here:

The full-page newspaper ad urged Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives to vote “on comprehensive immigration reform.”

It was signed by 15 California legislators.

But at least some of them had never heard of the ad until they saw it in Sunday’s Orange County Register or had it emailed to them, and they couldn’t say who paid for it.

A coalition of business, agricultural and labor organizations paid for the print and online campaign in Southern California, the Inland Empire and the Central Valley, said Mike Roth, a partner at Paschal Roth, a Sacramento-based public relations firm that placed the ads.

The ad refers to a coalition but does not name it.

Both Allan Mansoor and Don Wagner are listed as having signed the letter, but each denied knowing that such an ad was coming out.  In the story, Mansoor just seems confused, while Wagner says that they all want a vote, but that they disagree about what should be voted on — rendering the letter’s message a bit muddled.

The Orange County-based anti-immigration reform “California Coalition for Immigration Reform,” which I suppose is the immigration equivalent of the anti-abortion “pregnancy crisis centers,” said that it planned to protest Mansoor’s office.

That’s the part you could read in public.  Here’s what came from another organization, NumbersUSA, by private e-mail.

*Slam Calif. Republican State Legislators for Advocating Amnesty*

Dear California activist,

California activists informed us that 15 Republican State Assembly members and Senators recently wrote California Republican Members of Congress in support of so-called comprehensive immigration reform. The letter (see below) asks these Members of Congress to encourage Speaker John Boehner to hold a vote on immigration reform. It also advocates citizenship for illegal aliens.

After the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive amnesty bill (S. 744) in June, NumbersUSA members weighed in strongly against House votes on any immigration bill. Thats because any immigration bill that passes the House, even a good enforcement-only bill, can go to conference committee with S. 744. If that occurs, the many horrible provisions of S. 744 could eventually become law.

Thus far, NumbersUSA members have succeeded in holding off House floor votes on immigration legislation. The letter from these 15 Republican state legislators hinders that effort, however.

Please call the California state legislators listed below — starting with those highlighted in red who serve in leadership — to slam their pro-amnesty stance. If a listed legislator represents you, be sure to stress you are a constituent. If you do not know who represents you, here is a *link*[omitted] for looking up their names.

*****Call these Assembly Members*****

Achadjian, Katcho (District 35) 916-319-2035****

Chavez, Rocky (76) 916-319-2076****

Conway, Conway (Republican Leader; 26) 916-319-2026****

Dahle, Brian (1) 916-319-2001****

Gorell, Jeff (44) 916-319-2044****

Linder, Eric (60) 916-319-2060****

Maienschein, Brian (Whip; 77) 916-319-2077****

Mansoor, Alan (74) 916-319-2074****

Olsen, Kristen (12) 916-319-2012****

Patterson, Jim (23) 916-319-2023****

Wagner, Don (Deputy Floor Leader; 68) 916-319-2068****

*****Call these Senators*****

Berryhill, Tom (District 14) 916-651-4014****

Cannella, Anthony (12) 916-651-4012****

Emmerson, Bill (23) 916-651-4023****

Knight, Steve (21) 916-651-4021****

*****Talking Points*****

****You are throwing unemployed Californians under the bus by pushing for a U.S. House of Representatives vote on immigration legislation. Any House-passed immigration bill even a strong enforcement bill — can go to conference committee with the horrible Senate amnesty bill. That process will result in blanket amnesty for illegal aliens and a doubling of legal immigration levels. Why are you seeking to worsen Californias unemployment problems?****

*****Extra Talking Points****

****Unemployment now stands at 8.9 percent. Its worse for less-educated Californians, minorities and those just graduating from college. But you want to hand out work permits to foreign nationals.****

I thought I could count on Republicans to stand up for American workers but you have sold out to employers who want cheap foreign labor. Reverse your position or face the consequences at election time.****

Thank you in advance for your assistance.****

(As I understand it, the four asterisks at the end of most paragraphs represent fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, fanatical devotion to the cause, and nice red uniforms.)

One implication here is that when the “who blocked comprehensive immigration reform?” debate starts, you’ll already know the answer.  This is the Ted Cruz strategy of preventing a conference committee, in action once again.  Because it worked so well last time.

A second implication here is that you too, dear readers, now have handy access to their phone numbers — and you too can call them, armed with knowledge about what the radicals (if you’re not among them, as I’m betting most of you are not) are saying.  So you can rebut them, support them while pretending your insane, support them while telling them you’re a Democrat (whether or not you are) — whatever you want.  Have fun!

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