90% Of Americans Say “No!” to Syrian Airstrike


President Obama claims that there will be “no boots on the ground”, if bombing Syria doesn’t turn out as planned — but how many of us really believe that?  We were told by Bush that the war in Iraq would pay for itself and we would be out within a month. That came true. Right? Pundits who argue that we should strike Syria, say that if Congress is not willing to authorize a military strike, Obama has the power to do it anyway, even though 90% of the American public is against it. The only ones who are for this action, work for the “war machine”. It will be an early Christmas gift for them!

The United Nations warns that a strike by the U. S. without authorization by the Security Council will be illegal. Conservative estimates of the cost of military action, is $500 million — of our tax payer dollars!  The cost of this war will be added to the already, over-the-limit credit card debt  — which by the time you read this is nearing $17 trillion — that’s comes to $53,000 that  each person in the U.S. is stuck paying.  Congress is supposed to discuss raising the debt limit this month, as well. You and I already know they will raise it; after all, its not their money.

I propose that everyone, including Obama who votes to use military force,  forfeit their paychecks and future pensions. They want to take action — then they should pay for it.

President Obama has decided that killing children with gas is worse than killing children with drones —  something he himself ordered a few short months ago– to kill terrorists. Well, Mr. President both will end with the same results — dead children. The U.S. military dropped Agent Orange to flush out the Viet-Cong, hiding under the heavy vegetation back in the 60s, and Vietnamese children have been paying the price for decades… not to mention our own soldiers.  He also claims that doing nothing will harm our own national security. How many times will he and other leaders (past, present and future) use that lame excuse?  I am tired of listening to his lies. How about you?

This is all about regime change and he is willing to have Al Qaeda in charge, if  it means getting rid of Assad…  and if Al Qaeda decides to use those chemical weapons against us, “The Great Satan”… then we will just go back in and kill some more people. Its part of the never ending war plan. The military is now being run like  a corporation — where their bottom line is number one. No war = no money and  we can’t have that. Too many  American jobs are at stake; 25 defense contractors  are located here in Orange County.

I am sick and tired of hearing our representatives claim that we don’t have money for infrastructure, schools, the homeless and you-name-it — BUT we always have enough money to start wars! I called my representatives today and told them to vote no.  I also signed this petition, which I urge you to do as well.  Obama will be in Los Angeles this Monday, September 9th —  an organized action is planned and you can find out more here .

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