The British Are Coming (to Syria.) Where Is The United States?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Assad government of Syria is now using chemical weapons on its own people.  During a recent escalation of its attacks on allegedly rebel areas (the term “allegedly” being applied as loosely as it ever was),  at least 355 or up to 1,300 civilians died due to the use of deadly chemicals.  Civilians… think about it… a government perpetrating the mass murder of its own people, in an ever-weakening attempt to keep itself in power!  This would be the equivalent of Mr. Obama bombing entire towns into oblivion because he heard a few tea-party members live there.

What can be done to stop Assad and his murderous regime?  Well, quite a lot actually.  Regarding those chemical attacks, the Assad government lamely allowed international inspectors in to the site of the attacks only after bombarding the area for several additional days to destroy chemical evidence.  The British appear to be the first nation whose patience has run out over the ongoing lies and tragedy in Syria.  Their Royal Navy reportedly has a nuclear submarine stationed in the region while some of its other warships recently departed Britain in order to perform exercises in the Mediterranean.  Now that the UN unsurprisingly has made it clear it isn’t going to take any meaningful action in Syria, partly thanks to head-in-the-sand Russia, the British appear to have finished their own private deliberations.  None other than Foreign Secretary William Hague has stated “We cannot in the 21st century allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity, that people can be killed in this way and that there are no consequences for it”.  In other words Assad, your time is up, having ended when you decided to quit fighting rebels and began murdering your own innocent men, women and children.


Now that the British seem on the precipice of trying to stop these atrocities, what is the United States, Britain’s closest ally, prepared to do?  Many citizens wish to avoid further involvements, citing the decade-plus long commitments made in Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, the situation in Syria doesn’t require nation-building, it simply requires a show of force to run Assad and his lunatics out from power.  This does not require a massive ground army with an open-ended tour of duty.  This is not a campaign based on lackluster evidence or hearsay… its a matter of stopping madmen bent on murder.  It’s clear the current regime cares not one iota for its people, who will be all too happy to take back their country once the US and Britain use their collective power to do what will undoubtedly go down as a great victory for humanity.


Currently, the United States has four guided-missile destroyers in the area.  A combined missile strik

e by British and U.S. Forces, reminiscent of the 2011 Libyan campaign against Muammar Gaddafi, could make for a crippling blow and the beginning of the end to the mass-murder, an ongoing event which should outrage any citizen of the world.  It’s time for the United States, the standard-bearers of freedom and liberty, to make another stand in the name of all humanity.

About Irvine Valkyrie

Irvine Valkyrie is Katherine Daigle, the once and future Irvine mayoral candidate, an independent-minded Republican who is aligned with neither of the two dominant Irvine political cliques.