Manziel, Trump, Manning and Hasan!

Manziel tattoed

You’d think that he’d get in trouble for these tattoos — especially the Texas Longhorn.

Time – Warner Cable is withholding all CBS related channels, which includes Showtime and TMC.  Lot’s of folks are upset that they cannot see the last installment of Dexter.  Meanwhile, Time-Warner CEO Glenn Britt refuses to abide by the original Charter Agreement with subscribers to provide ALL Basic Cable Channels which include channels 2- 22.  Right now, we are missing 2 & 9, 15 Showtime Channels and several others in including TMC and still being charge full boat for our services which used to include Showtime and TMC – for which we paid extra!   What is scary is:  It took five years for Time-Warner to conclude an agreement with the NFL Network.  Worse yet, after the CBS debacle, we cable subcribers will probably be looking at the same situation with NBC, ABC, FOX and anyone else including PBS.  Who is watching the this dumbo situation play out?  Where is our beloved Congress in the process.  The rumors are about that the FCC is looking into it.  Hasn’t anyone in Washington D. C. ever heard of the First Amendment and the right of the people to hear the news?  All of it….that is!

There is some pretty good news today however, Huffington Post is reporting that Donald Trumpster is being sued by the State of New York for $40 million dollars for misrepresentations of Trump University.  Charging students upwards of $35,000 dollars to get a photo and a meet up with “The Donald”.  Instead it seems that “Scrooge Mc Trump” had those same students take photos with a cardboard look alike instead and no meet-up.  His so-called Entreprunerial University offered some suggested “bogus classes”.  All in all, this slow down in “The Donald’s run for President in 2016” will probably cause him some sizeable legal fees, if nothing else.  Additionally, he will probably want to dodge the Major League Press for the moment while he handles these “tiny details”!

For those who don’t pay much attention to sports; the Johnny “Football” Manziel kurfuffle is a pretty interesting one.  Johnny Manziel is this spoiled little rich kid who plays quarterback for Texas A & M.  Last year, as a freshman…..he got the Heisman Trophy from the Downtown Athletic Group in New York.  This award was supposed to be for the best college athlete of 2012.  Well, it didn’t take long and Johnny “Football” was soon causing a major stir, by visiting a sorority house at A & M’s biggest competitor and starting a fight that required campus police.  Then came his signing of hundreds of Texas A & M gear, including helmets, jerseys and whatever was around.  Johnny “Football” got four figure pay outs for several events.  Since this type of action is directly against NCAA college rules it was noticed.  Now under some sort of investigation.  Since Texas A & M is in the South East Conference there is probably not a chance that Johnny “Football” Manziel is going to be issued a suspension or that Texas A & M will lose any Bowl Eligibility.   Of course, when Reggie Bush, from USC was discovered having a professional agent and having his folks get free rent for a year……the USC Trojans had three Championships removed, lost their Bowl Eligibility and had sanctions put on them for five years!  But then, those boys that hang around the Potbellied Stove that work for the NCAA…..whose names are never revealed are not going to be missing any meals themselves – in this process.  The state of athletics in this country, pro, amateur, high school and even inter-mural kiddie leagues are in a total state of disarray.  Performance Enhancing Drugs……Human Growth Hormone and dates with Super Models are all on the table.  One exception: We still love Alex Rodriguez in spite of what he’s done!  He was born in Florida, went to college in Florida and makes folks mad.  How bad can he be?

Meanwhile, that great American Hero…..Corporeal Bradley Manning (AKA Chelsea) has been sentenced to 35 years in Federal Prison for doing the Wiki-Leaks, Julian Assange Underground Railroad for NSA secrets.  Since he has spent 2 and half years already time-served he may even be up for parole in four and half years.  Manning however, has complicated the issue by asking for Female Hormone treatments, Maxi-Pads, Macy’s level lip rouge, a new wig and a variety of sponsor supplied female apparel “where ever he goes to serve his time!)  We are waiting for him to go on FaceBook to ask if he can do a meet up with someone named “Tiny” that is serving a life sentence in Leavenworth!  Maybe Chelsea can double bunk with Fast Eddie Snowden when he gets back from the Kremlin?

Then we have the strange case of Nadal Hasan.  Major Hasan…..used to give psychiatric care in the US Army.  After, one too many internet experiences, he became “a radicalized Al Qeada member”.  This of course all happened when he got orders to go to Afghanistan.  13 Dead soldiers later and scores more wounded with maladies which will be with them for the rest of their lives…….was found guilty under Court Marshal proceedings.  Hasan, who defended himself, wants to be a martyr to Allah and wants to die.  Will the Judge give him his wish?  Most likely not.  Too bad we can’t send him to Gitmo!

So, the strangeness continues.  The Republicans think it is just fine that Ted Cruz was born in Calgary Canada…..but still think it was awful that President Obama was born in Honolulu.  Honolulu, Kenya says Donald Trumpster!  As the October dead line gets closer for the implementation of Obama Care….the Republicans are freaking out and demanding to “Close Down Washington D.C.”,  “De-Fund, De-Funk Obama Care” they say.  Meanwhile, they fail to mention how they might make sure that the Insurance Companies return their premium rates to 2012 levels, Keep Co-pays in the low 20’s  and make sure that Deductibles not exceed $500 per person.  We keep waiting for Dana, Darrell, Ed and Mitch come up with a grand plan.  Maybe Rand Paul or Paul Ryan can figure out a way to give 40 million folks health care they don’t have and still maintain healthcare rates that are affordable.

Manziel, Trump, Manning and Hasan……what a law firm that would make!







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