Jan Flory’s Downtown Fullerton Surprise

Fullerton Rag

A recent Fullerton News Tribune profile of Fullerton’s ongoing problems with public drunkenness and violence downtown featured a quote by current Councilwoman Jan Flory: “I was surprised by the numbers of people…I was surprised by the drunkenness I saw.”

It is Ms. Flory’s response to what she reportedly witnessed in a recent police ride-along that is itself surprising. Anyone who has ventured downtown during much of the last decade can attest to the conditions described in the article. Was Jan Flory really unaware that revelers routinely vomit and urinate in the streets and on doorsteps, break windows, and get into fights? Perhaps we can charitably say that she knew what a drunkfest the downtown had become, but was simply caught off-guard by the magnitude of the problem. But, who couldn’t have told her that?

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