It’s Not a Coup – It’s a Business Decision!

I am guessing that most of you know about the military crack down against President Morsi supporters in Egypt this week. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood camped outside in Cairo (their version of an Occupy Movement) but this Wednesday it turned into a blood bath with over 600 people killed by the Egyptian military. It shouldn’t come as a surprise — the military is only doing what the military trains to do — blow stuff up and kill people. They don’t have time for words when guns will make their point faster.

I spoke with a few people about the events over there and they told me that the U.S. should just stay out of it and let the people of Egypt decide for themselves what government they want.  That sounds so easy doesn’t it? I mean, really — we seem to stick our noses in everyone else’s business and it never turns out good. The U.S. spends one billion dollars a month on military aide for Egypt but that money does not go directly to them, instead it goes to U.S. Defense contractors — like Halliburton.  

I KNOW that’s the reason President Obama refuses to call what happened a few weeks ago, a military coup. If he admitted that it was in fact a coup, then Halliburton and his war buddies would lose money and they won’t allow that to happen.  Why should they?  Those who make their money making weapons of war, depend on countries remaining in constant conflict. And there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of that. I am sure if we dug a little deeper we would find the U.S. “stirring the pot” while pretending to help out.

If the U.S. was really serious about nation building, they would take a lesson from history and would use the Marshall Plan, like we did in WWII.  President Truman didn’t keep sending military equipment to European countries, he gave them billions in loans and allowed them the opportunity to rebuild for themselves. 

There are 25 aerospace and defense contractors right here in Orange County. Killing people is big business and if we run out of customers because people in other countries decide to resolve conflict via peaceful means… well — we just can’t have that! We need permanent wars and conflict to keep our precious economy afloat! 

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