The MOORLACH to run for John Campbell’s old Congressional seat!


Since our dear Moorlach, following his own sasquatch code, doesn’t mind reprinting others’ lengthy articles in their entirety, I will share with you what just came “across my transom” in the latest Moorlach Update – how do you like this?  John talking now:

“What are you doing next?”  This is the most often asked question that I hear.  It is usually followed by, “We would love to see you stay involved in an elected position.”  It seemed that extending Supervisorial term limits from two terms to three made the most sense.  Unfortunately, three of my Board colleagues did not agree.  As no Republican of personal financial significance has shown an interest in running for Governor, which has been the trend, I examined that opportunity at length and recently decided against it.  I still had not made up my mind as to what I was doing next, up until June 27th  when my friend and fellow C.P.A., John Campbell, announced that he would not be rerunning for Congress in 2014.  My supervisorial district overlapped Congressman Campbell’s before redistricting, and we conferred often on John Wayne Airport matters.  This upcoming vacancy has kept me hopping these past few days, which is usually a summer break spent catching up at home.  I have served eighteen years at the accountancy firm of Balser, Horowitz, Frank & Wakeling, the last ten years as a partner/owner.  I then served nearly twelve years as your County Treasurer-Tax Collector, and will have served eight years as the County Supervisor for the Second District.

Running for public office is an interview process where the majority of the voters decide the winning applicant.  I will be applying for the 45th Congressional District.  The filing period opens next spring, the Primary is in June, and the General is in November.  There are other great applicants that are also considering a run next year and I wish them all the best.  I know it will be fun when an esteemed political consultant takes a swipe at me in the OC Register’s update on all of the initial movement since Congressman Campbell’s announcement, which is the first piece below.  As the campaign has not officially started, this piece is being provided only for informational purposes.  Once campaign season officially opens next spring, I will embargo articles of this nature.

[Oh – so the Register has already broken this story.  But … who would know that?  The Wisckoll story also mentions Stephen Choi, Mimi Walters, and some Marine colonel.  The Moorlach goes on about other matters….]

The OC Register also covers yesterday’s Orange County Transportation Authority Board vote on the Anaheim streetcar proposal (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Begets a New Vote — June 25, 2012) in the second piece below.  I fully support a transit system that provides connectivity between the Disney resort, the Honda Center and the Convention Center.  I just do not believe it should be fixed rail.  There is no empirical study that proves that ridership is higher on a streetcar.  Streetcars are inflexible.  If one breaks down, it will hold up the entire system.  When a train arrives, having multiple buses available to move tourists to the resort area is much more efficient.  Having the buses available for other occasional venues, or adaptable to changes in route demands, makes more sense to me.  Adding streetcars will require construction to imbed the tracks, and that will increase congestion in an already busy corridor.  And, the cost differential makes an enhanced bus system all the more appealing from a taxpayer standpoint.

[The Moorlach should have linked to our own Cynthia Ward’s masterpiece on this topic, “Disney Streetcar Throws Taxpayers Under the Bus!“]

The Voice of OC also covers the streetcar topic in the third piece below.  Supporting a concept because it will improve property values is not a compelling reason to vote for a streetcar system, as values around this pristine resort area will appreciate on their own.  And, I’m not one that feels it’s justifiable to spend tax dollars just because the money is there.  Instead of spending more money on a report solely focused on streetcars, I voted against the motion yesterday.  Why wait to vote against it later while expending more resources in the meantime?

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