TAKE BACK THE FOURTH (Amendment) on the 4th – now with great PIC!


This came galloping across our transom late last night, sounding for all the world like the hoofbeats of Paul Revere on horseback:


Huntington Beach, CA

Diverse OC Privacy Coalition Takes “Don’t Spy On US” Message To HB’s 4th Of July Parade!

This 4th of July Americans from across the political spectrum are standing up together to demand our government respects the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits the recently exposed unconstitutional monitoring and search of Americans’ electronic communications.

“Restore The Fourth” is a grassroots national campaign, and the OC branch will be demonstrating creatively near the start of the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade.

OC Restore The Fourth is setting a precedent in terms of diversity, with members from Occupy OC, OC libertarians, and local Tea Party groups, as well as numerous independents.

They encourage interested people to get in touch through their site or Facebook event page, and to show up early near the start of the parade with respectful and relevant signs and attire.

For More Information:
(OC Restore The Fourth website)

Vern here again: Hell yes I’ll be there!  I haven’t missed a HB 4th of July parade in nearly a decade … but I usually march with the Democratic float.   In our official Constitution teeshirt.  I’ll wear that shirt again, but it doesn’t seem right to do that marching with the Party which has continued Bush’s disrespect of the Constitution.  This time I’ll be on the outside with my crazy patriotic friends from Occupy, the Tea Party, and everywhere in between – see you there!

UPDATE – here we are, on the corner of PCH & Main – lots of us!

(click for much bigger image)

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