By Late Friday 7-6 Vote, Air Quality Czars to Close Down Newport’s Fire Rings

The influence of Travis Allen, Mimi Walters, Allan Mansoor, and Curt Hagman is apparently negligible.  (Maybe next time they should invite Democrats Connie Boardman, Joe Shaw, and Miguel Pulido to sign their letter.)  If the introductory paragraph confuses you, in that seems to say the opposite of what is intended, it’s because the Huntington Beach fire rings get to stay put, but Newport Beach’s fire rings will be removed.  Allen is addressing only the latter.  As of March 1, 2014, fire rings cannot be located within 700 feet of a residence, so either Newport’s rings come out or the houses do.  (Hmmm, there’s an idea!)

vietnam bombing patterns

This is either the fire rings in Newport and Huntington Beaches or a bombing pattern during the Vietnam War. If you’re the Chair of the Southern California Air Quality Management District, it’s hard to tell them apart, but either way — they have to go! Rich people want to get rid of the rabble in the public areas!

Assemblyman Travis Allen Vows to Continue Fighting the Beach Bonfire Ban

SCAQMD voted to regulate beach bonfires with a decision of 7-6

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) issued the following statement regarding the decision to overturn amendments to Rule 444 which would have banned beach bonfires in Orange and Los Angeles Counties:

“The South Coast AQMD has clearly overstepped its bounds. This is the case of an unelected body of bureaucrats ignoring the voice of the people. The SCAQMD voted today to ban certain beach bonfires to appease a small group of wealthy landowners at the expense of ordinary Californians.

This issue has been met with overwhelming opposition from thousands of Californians, countless elected officials, and local cities and businesses. Together with Senator Mimi Walters and Assemblymen Allan Mansoor and Curt Hagman, I submitted a California Public Records Act Request letter on June 5th regarding the methodology of the SCAQMD’s highly questionable air quality test.  To date, we still have not received a response. Their decision today was based on inconclusive data that claimed that beach bonfires pose a health risk.

The decision made today directly challenges the recommendations of the  California Coastal Commission and unilaterally bans certain fire rings. The verdict also overlooks the Resolution unanimously passed by the California Legislature which officially calls for protecting our state beaches and the timeless community pastime of beach bonfires for all Californians,” said Assemblyman Allen.

It’s about time that County Assessor Webster Guillory announces that the land under those beachfront homes (and I suppose the homes themselves) will be reassessed given their substantially increased value, don’t you think?

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