Americans Worked Up Over Rolling Stone Magazine Cover



Americans get up set over the weirdest things. Right now, people are pissed off at Rolling Stone Magazine over their recent issue, with a photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. I am betting that 99.9% of those complaining have not taken the time to read the article, which I will admit, I haven’t either because my local Walgreens store decided not to sell it. I am still looking for a local store selling the magazine so I can decide for myself if I like the article.


From what I understand, so far, from reading other journalist’s opinions, is that the whole point of the article is Tsarnaev looked and acted like any other teenager.  Showing his picture on the cover is supposed to drive that idea home, but as usual, Americans jump to conclusions without reading for themselves what the story is about. They depend on their friends Facebook page or Twitter feed, which many times is full of misinformation. They don’t take the time to find out for themselves by going to the original source.


Is it because Americans think terrorists should look a certain way? Are they upset to find out that these days a terrorist could look like you, me or someone’s teenage son? It would be refreshing to have a real discussion about why terrorism even exists and not why a major magazine decided to put a photo of one on their cover.

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