Whom Should ‘Disneycrat’ Brandman Appoint to Anaheim’s Charter Review Commission? (Hurry!)

Mayor Tom Tait has now successfully derailed “Disney Democrat” Councilmember Jordan Brandman’s appointment of Republican lobbyist Curt Pringle’s to Anaheim’s Charter Review Commission by demanding that the avaricious puppet-master release a 700 form showing his financial interests.  Pringle’s doing so would reveal that he has his fingers in so many pies that he should not be allowed into the City Hall unless he is accompanied by Cynthia Ward and Amin David, who should be equipped with both a camcorder and a shock collar around Pringle’s neck.  So Pringle has decided to back out at warp speed.  This leaves us with four questions.

  1. Why is Anaheim even starting a Charter Review Committee?
  3. Whom will Brandman, sole nominal Democrat, appoint to the Committee — and will they be Latino?
  4. Will the prospect of working with a Latino drive Amanda Edinger screaming from the Committee?  Seriously, why is Amanda Freaking Anti-Immigration Edinger on the Committee?  Are they just trying their hardest to inflame relations with the City’s Latino community?  How do we get her removed too?

OK, that was seven questions.  (Amanda Edinger?  Gah!)

Brandman with (Chavez) Lodge

Yeah, Jordan, we know, we know — but do you have anything in stock that’s a little *more* Latino-y?

This creates a problem for Disneycrat Brandman.  People — not led by Soloriocrat Jose Solorio, however much he may wish it were otherwise — are aghast at the idea that no Latino has been appointed to the Charter Review Committee despite the city’s being majority Latino.  Some people have asked why Tom Tait didn’t appoint a Latino, but that seems unfair: he’s running for re-election and he has to solidify his relations with the wealthy non-Latino community that will fund his efforts.  He can’t be expected to do all of the good stuff on Council.

So Brandman, who the last I checked (and I check constantly) is still a registered Democrat — the party that is supposed to have the back of the Latino community — is the one who would be, and I’ll even say should be, expected to appoint a Latino.  An actual Latino, not a “Latino of convenience” like Steve “Chavez” Lodge.  He can make my job of messing with him much harder by appointing a smart Latino with an interest in these issues and a willingness to question whether what the other committee members are doing is good for the Latino community.

Not only is this the right thing to do, but Brandman can get away with this, because he’s a Democrat and everyone (Disney included) should understand that this is his burden to bear.  Surely, if the committee could not stand even one voice of possible dissent out of five, that would suggest that they are up to something no good, something that must be hidden from the public, something that strongly boosts the case that Latinos are currently way, way, (way!), underrepresented in Anaheim’s governance.  This might be of substantial interest to someone like, oh, JUDGE FRANZ MILLER, who happens to be cogitatin’ on that very question these days.

My guess is that Brandman will make his appointment this afternoon at about 3:00, simply because the appointment of a Disneyphilic Anglo is the sort of move that usually belongs in the “Friday afternoon news dump.”  So that gives OJB readers just a few hours to make it tougher for him to do something stupid.  (“Craven,” actually, but let’s call it “stupid.”)  Get your suggestions out there right now, folks — what Latin@ should Jordan Brandman appoint to the apparently unnecessary and probably dangerous Charter Review Committee?  HURRY!

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