Is there an alternative location for North County’s controversial homeless shelter?

Matt Leslie for The Fullerton Rag

As the days count down toward the June 15 close of escrow on property purchased by the County of Orange for a homeless shelter on St. College Blvd. and Walnut Ave. (pic to right), suggestions for alternative sites continue to be made. Residents near the proposed shelter location have persistently expressed concerns about its proximity to an elementary school and neighborhood.   Many have wondered why the county has not seemed seriously interested in considering similar properties that might still meet the needs of the local homeless population without negatively impacting the surrounding area.

One such possible alternative is a 22,500 square foot former Delco office and sales showroom in an industrial park on the west side of Fullerton. 1930 Raymer Ave. is bordered on the south side by railroad tracks, which also separate the complex from the nearest neighborhood to the east. A bus stop is located just up the street on Gilbert St.   It is also quite close to the…

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