Ain’t no Rhyme or Reason!

Just when you thought it was safe to come out and drive your privately owned vehicle onto the 405 Freeway….because the OCTA had chosen Option One, what do think that happens?  Yep, a new board of the OCTA….and they want a RE-DO vote that would include a Toll Lane…..that everyone on God’s Green Earth……absolutely hates!

John Lithgow and Dan Ackroyd, featured here for reasons that do so make sense!

John Lithgow and Dan Ackroyd as the “Motch Brothers,” fictional versions of the Reason Foundation’s big-funding Koch Brothers, in the film “The Campaign.” See, the photo being here does make sense!

Come on you people at Reason Foundation, you think you are the 1% elite?  You think you can buy off Cal-Trans, the State of California and every politician in the country?  You want those Red Light Cameras, those Freeway Speed Cameras, those High Occupancy Toll Lanes, those Congestion Priced annual Vehicle Registration Fees….based on miles driven…..don’t you?  Don’t you?  Sorry Robert Poole…..everyone knows your game.  Everyone knows who pays your salary.  Everyone knows that your concepts are so far afield from the American Dream…that you would have to hit one of the moons on Saturn to feel right at home.

Attention OCTA New Board Members:  We know your names.  Each and every one of you.  We will be monitoring your voting, your meetings, your attitudes.

Reject another vote on the 405 Toll Lanes!  We already did that….and were happy as clams with that outcome.  We could care less whether Cal-Trans intends to steal Federal or State Grant Money and install Toll Roads around the Golden State.  Do you know why?  Because that will be another huge fight that will have National implications and outcomes that will not be so tidy to figure out or implement.

What great minds first of all…….select the OCTA Board?  2ndly, Why can the OCTA Board not understand what NO means?  Thirdly, fighting for the rights of the people should be the first priority.  Anyone that runs for the Board of Supervisors that wants Toll Roads or Congestion Pricing in HOV lanes on the 405 should be considered “persona non grata”.

Hey, maybe we are just sensitive to ridiculous and stupid concepts that hold no water in the public eye.  Many we just don’t understand when someone wants to reach into our pocket and pull as much money as they want out…….for themselves and their friends.  Bad idea….OCTA…..Bad Idea!  You want Option #2….just fine then…..otherwise….leave well enough alone!


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