Did You Know – Oil Spills are Good for the Environment!

Sometimes it takes me a few days to catch up on my emails. Today I read an email that came from Rachel Colyer, Campaign Director at the  Daily Kos.  She was asking me to sign an online petition (I really hate those because I don’t think they work, but I sign most of them anyway). It’s  about the media blackout concerning the Arkansas oil spill last weekend. I heard a blip on the news about the spill but not much. Jeez no coverage about an oil spill? What a surprise? Who has the time to cover that when those darn gays want to get married? Let’s keep things in perspective right?

So after reading the article and a few other related stories, I decided to check out  Craigslist Rants and Raves, Arkansas, thinking I would get more information — personal stories about those directly affected.   I found a total of seven comments — mostly pro-oil from Little Rock, which is 22 miles from Mayflower where the majority of the damage is. I would like to know if any of these people have a home or business affected by the spill.  Let me rephrase that — I mean evacuated not affected. Those residents just had their lives turned upside down and for what?  The false belief  they just saved 3 cents a gallon at their neighborhood gas station because some slick advertising campaign claimed we need oil independence? Anyone with half a brain knows that oil is sold on the world market!  It’s Economics 101!

Yes, I know that pipeline is over sixty years old. I am amazed it broke — with all the continued maintenance and all provided by Exxon, who tell us in their commercials how they are helping bring back tourism to the Gulf Coast.

Some anonymous person from Craigslist compared the Arkansas spill to the one in the Gulf,  “The gulf oil spill has actually had a positive impact on marine life since the harvesting of gulf seafood ceased for a period of time and allowed the marine population to increase.”  Say what!?  Will he still think oil companies are good for the environment when his personal environment is soaked with oil or  flames shoot out of his water faucet and he finds out his home owners insurance doesn’t cover those things?

I guess Jeff Foxworthy was right — sometimes you can’t fix stupid!

If you want to sign the petition, do it here

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