Earth, Wind and FIRE???


Boston Bomber JoeHar Bro; after receiving his Miranda Rights has determined in his wisdom…..that it is time to “Dummy Up” and stop talking about much of anything. Where is Chuck Norris and “Lone Wolf McQuade” when we need him?   Tam’s wife Kathy meanwhile…..after getting some advice from her Army of Attorney’s……..”doesn’t know anything!”  The mom and dad back in the old USSR…..think the whole thing “was a set-up” but are coming to the USA to interview for “Dancing with the Stars.”.  The Uncle, Ruslan……is our choice for a new Reality Show and certainly as a new Hollywood Movie Star…….working with Denzel.  The FBI…..which got a request from Russia to interview Tam……..back in 2011, couldn’t find out much.  Of course, the FBI does Criminal Prosecutions… all their interviews are based on how much evidence they can compile for a good court case.  So, when that didn’t yield much info, Russia asked the CIA, because the CIA is responsible for International Security in the USA.  According to Paul Mudd……..just on Charlie Rose…..”The CIA doesn’t do Interrogations anymore and has not after 2008.”

Meanwhile, Texas City – Fertilizer and all explodes an entire town.  The investigation into what started the fire is still under investigation.  Today, three barges in Alabama explode.  Texas City – Ammonium Nitrate, Alabama – Natural Gas!   HNL HD is betting it’s franchise on a four year Jody Arias trial.  Lindsay Lohan has finally confirmed ….”they she has a drinking problem!”  Duh!  Kobe Bryant is so angry…..he has to use Twitter to voice his coaching concerns about the ill-fated Lakers.  Kobe, we love you dude.  Please retire now and get with Charles Barkley and do Basketball Commentary, stay in Newport Beach and hang with Costas.  Don’t bother to go on Jim Rome anymore.  Rome’s got a short stick and you need the big guys, like 60 Minutes and Charley Rose.

Kim Kardashian is debating whether to have her baby live on television.  Is this going to be a “Pay per View”?  We would prefer giving more money to One Boston for the victims of the Terror Bombings.  Additionally, speaking of money – if we had the $6 million dollars…we would give it to Mike D’Antoni to go away next year.  Hopefully, Josh Hamilton will hit 50 home runs in 2014.  Our best bet is that the LA Kings will make the play-offs….even though the Chicago Blackhawks look pretty awesome…with the NHL…you just never know.  Go Boston Bruins, NY Rangers and Detroit Red Wings.

Those of you following our great OC Juice blog might notice that this post seems a little like the Shotgun News.  Our apologies to the Shotgun News….they actually offer some pretty good deals of various firearm parts.  This post comes to you based on how dysfunctional our whole society seems to be right now.  We can’t seem to pass an Immigration Bill.  We can’t seem to Regulate our banks or set capital requirements,  ban proprietary Hedge Fund and Derivative trading or send any wrong doers to jail.  How much time did we spend on high capacity magazines for AR-15’s?  When will the Republican Congress finally stop talking about Bengazi and Hillary Clinton?  How about Regulating a lower price for Medicare Prescription Drugs instead?

Two more things:  Today George W. Bush and Laura will open his Presidential Library in Texas.  Hopefully, Rick Perry will be able to find his way there.  We hear that there will be; Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama in attendance.   George and Laura…..”Live Long and Prosper”…….in spite of Dick Cheney…….and Saddam Hussein…… had a very enjoyable Presidency…….while we raised our National Debt.  Congratulations…..we still love you.

The other thing is that the Mississippi River is running over its banks today.  This is starting to become an annual Springtime occurrence.  We always wanted to know why the Federal Government just doesn’t pay for the Flood Insurance for homeowners that get flooded, rebuild, get flooded and rebuild.  This seems like a pretty good Government program for those folks owning property on the banks of the old Mississippi Mud.

Earth, Wind and Fire……we can never remember the names of any of their songs.  It was a catchy name though, you must admit:  Earth, Wind and Fire.  Sounds like that Sean Connery movie with Candace Bergen.  He played the Rizuli of Something.  Sean Connery as a Arab Sheik……..seems like the last time we liked those folks….doesn’t it?  Before that…..”Lawrence of Arabia”…..when Omar Shariff was the cool tool.   Yep, Joe Har Bro…..should have gone to “Gitmo” that is for sure!



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