OC Human Relations Received $5,000 Payment From Anaheim Police Chief For Pacifying Angry Anna Drive Residents

IN BED WITH THE COPS: Financial records from the City of Anaheim show that since July 2006, OC Human Relations has received $67,955 from the Anaheim Police Department. Of that amount, $22,251, or 33% of the entire total, was disbursed between November 2011 and September 2012 alone.

The Anaheim Investigator has recently obtained copies of emails, invoices, check request forms, and other documents from the City of Anaheim which show that Anaheim Police Chief John Welter approved a special $5,000 payment to OC Human Relations as a reward for “crisis services” they rendered on behalf of the Anaheim Police Department in connection with “Anna Dr. neighborhood unrest and gang member arrests” occurring in July and August of last year.

This payment and others made to OC Human Relations by Chief Welter raises serious questions about what role, if any, this agency might play in the proposed police oversight committee that could be formed by the City of Anaheim. Since there is now proof this organization is dependent on cash infusions from the Anaheim Police Department to do some of its “work,” how can any of its employees be trusted to be fair and impartial in matters pertaining to resident complaints about police brutality and misconduct?

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