Weekend Open Thread: Good Moon Rising

Hat tip to Slate for this video.  We sometimes have trouble with videos from Vimeo, so if you can’t see it once posted, please click the link, enjoy three minutes and change of something quite beautiful and (as a matter of videography) impressive, and then come back here to comment. 

I’ll limit myself to taking this much of a quote from the Slate article (it’s worth going there to read the rest):

The video was taken on Jan. 28, 2013 by photographer Mark Gee, who made the attempt several times before finally capturing the event. This isn’t an example of the famous Moon Illusion, where the Moon looks huge on the horizon, though. He wanted to get the silhouetted people walking around, so he camped over two kilometers away from the Mount Victoria lookout in Wellington, New Zealand. Using a telephoto and exquisite pre-planning (not to mention aim), he was able to show the people who, at that distance, were barely able to be seen by the naked eye. It’s the magnification of the lens that makes the moon look so big.

Here’s a visual taste:

Moonrise silhouettes

Something a little gorgeous to start off your weekend.

This is your Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about what you will, within bounds of reason and decency.

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