The Orange Juice Oracle asks: What Does 2013 Hold in Store for the USA?


I’m sorry that this took so long to get to all of you, but it’s been a busy time. I’ve been trying to help my Mayan friends get their new calendar out… they are such procrastinators. Oh well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, or anything.

So, to determine what kind of year 2013 will be for the United States, I’m looking at the Solte chart, the astrological chart constructed from the date, time, and place of the signing of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation established the first governmental structure unifying the thirteen states that fought in the American Revolution. It’s arguably the United State’s official birth chart (November 15, 1777, 12:46 PM, York, PA). Of all the choices, I think that this one is the most reliable. I’m sure some of you will have a different opinion. Fine. This is the one I like.

The United States Sun falls under the sign of Scorpio, and, as it is for any Scorpio, things can get really complicated.  A Scorpio’s influence is intense, powerful, and transformational. Above everything, Scorpios are healers capable of looking beneath the surface into the essential horror and ugliness of any situation. Their most natural strategy is then to overwhelm it with a laser-like focus of power, to bring it back to life and goodness.

The distraction for Scorpio is always the tendency to abuse his intense power to serve himself.  He is the sign most likely to harbor deep-seated resentments,  jealousy, vindictiveness, an inability to trust, manipulative tendencies, and secretive strategies.  He’s the friend that your afraid to take your eyes off of.  You may keep him for a friend because its safer than risking the possibility of turning him into an enemy. He can be ruthless and devastatingly destructive. He’s a force to be reckoned with. You may not like him or trust him, but you respect him.  You may be afraid to shine too brightly in his presence lest you trigger his jealous tendencies.

Scorpio is also a study in extremes.  He can put you back together or tear you apart or alternate between the two.  He can be devastatingly and unbelievably self-destructive.  For the United States, Black Moon Lillith, another major indicator of character, highlights the magical effect of his charm, personality and friendliness while at the same time warns of an innate failure to recognize what is not in his own best interest. What the United States becomes hinges on its ability to keep its eye on the ball despite intense internal distractions. It has to know its higher purpose and never lose sight of it.

The purpose of the existence of the United States, (as defined by the north and south nodes of the moon), and the context within which every governmental decision should be made, is an ever-deepening sensitivity to the needs of protecting individual self-expression, affairs of the heart, children, creativity, and the individual’s right to be able to safely take some risk.  Intellectual refinement and service to the country in the form of innovative individual contribution defines its potential.  This represents the high road for the U.S., and, despite its claims, the unfamiliar and less traveled road. When the U.S. (or any entity) feels threatened, feels anxious, insecure, and threatened, it moves toward its most familiar and mindless default setting as defined by the south node.  In the case of the US this is the familiar tendency to act impulsively, independently rather than cooperatively,  to dominate, to control, and to win. To these ends, any cold, oppressive, violent, manipulative, or inhumane actions will be justified, or, more likely, hidden from view.

This is the year when we figure out that complacency no longer works for us. Already we’ve lived through Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown tragedy.  Through the first week in September we will be subject to a series of wake-up calls that finally lead to some updated policy. Obviously those lacking the ability to cope with change will become more desperate.

For this year (and until the first week in December 2014) the mood of the public mood will be serious, practical, focused on monetary security, somewhat downbeat, hard working, goal-oriented, and seeking to find some long term security.  The public remains remain risk-averse, in no mood for nonsense especially when it affects them financially, and willing to delay gratification for a little less than two more years.  At that point all patience will have been completely exhausted.

Since October of 2010 Congressional actions and attitudes toward banks, trade policy, and world finance have severely limited the United States’ progress toward achieving its purpose for existence. The conference of political and business leaders in Davos last week included enthusiasm toward financing environmental healing, the Goldman Sachs assertion that, at least for them, the financial crisis is over, that, in the short-term austerity will continue.  Intensifying  after October is Congress’  focus on how issues of immigration, access to higher education, publishing information, church-state separation, protecting democracy, foreign travel, and the affects of other countries opinion toward us have become more problematic.  That focus will continue through 2015.  Expect some progress on these issues as well as some severe abuses of power.

Darker forces for oppression operate quietly as the NSA prepares to open its massive data warehouse spying operation in Utah.  The schedule opening date is sometime in September, but it’s a secret.  Congress has authorized warrantless spying and, according to NSA whistleblower Bill Binney,  after all our phone, internet, and electronic communication is stored, the data mining begins.  Everything a person does becomes charted on a graph, and the NSA is able to paint a detailed picture of someone’s life.  According to the ACLU’s website, experts say the complex will be big and powerful enough to store for 100 years every phone, internet, and electronic communication in the world. Careful what you Google!

Republicans are using their own stealth means to undermine democracy through gerrymandering, and make progress secretively, while an important democratic legislator attended Obama’s inauguration.

Religious influence is severely impacting women’s accessibility to safe and legal abortion access. Conservatives are overburdening each clinic with intimidation and regulation in an ongoing process,  and they are removing a woman’s right to refuse medical procedures (unnecessary vaginal ultrasound)  that are invasive and unnecessary.  Women will be under attack for the next two years, and will have to fight very hard to prevent legislators from devastating their rights and their lives.

Since 1944, Mercury, the planet ruling communications, roads, transportation, and schools up to the college level have been influenced by the sign of Gemini. This sign represented objectivity, facts, learning, networking, connections, clear thinking, short attention spans, and flexibility.  In March of this year a momentous change occurs as Mercury progresses into the sign of Cancer.  Now all communication, road, transportation, and schooling matters will be heavily influenced by issues of security, protection, emotion, family, roots, and foundational considerations. Expect dramatic developmental changes in these areas of life over the next 30 years.

The public seems to have unusual influence over Congressional action this year…and over the Supreme Court.  It appears that public interest and Supreme Court action regarding marriage rights for gays will align toward the end of April, and in June action on violence (most likely having to do with guns) will be coming.

Jupiter moves into Cancer (security, protection, and the housing market) on June 28th, and will remain there until July 16th of 2014.  Traditionally the housing market is very strong when Jupiter travels through the sign of Cancer.

The public pays close attention to Congress (as it should be) until March of 2014 when it’s attention will turn to what the government may be hiding, and our nuclear concerns.

Watch for foundational freedoms to be severely threatened in October and November of 2013 when the public and the President may not be on the same page.

Watch for the President to be under severe pressure as 2014 begins, but, let’s worry about that next year. Unlike the last inaugural year where complacency was the order of the day, this time we are paying close attention to what’s going on.

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