NHL Hockey….LA Kings come back on January 19th!

Hockey with lens flare

The season was cut off at the knees, but fans still can’t wait.

We love Nick Saban.  He is now being called “Bigger than Bear Bryant!” in Alabama.  It was great to see Notre Dame crushed like a bug…..after dancing on the grave of USC earlier in the year.   By winning three out of the last four BCS Titles – Nick Saban is being called “The Leader of the Bama Dynasty”.  College football is finally over for 2012 and everyone except Oregon got their comeuppence!  Too bad Kansas State and Oregon couldn’t have lost in the same game.   UCLA was slaughtered…..we loved that too.  We loved that awkward look on Jimmy Mora’s face at the end of the game.    Lane Kiffin is inexplicably left as Coach at USC after his catastrophic loss to Georgia Tech and the worse losses in school history since the Larry Smith era.  Kiffin got rid of his dad Monty as the Defensive Coach, but he is the one that can’t call plays.  Kiffin needs to go!  Hey, what about Oklahoma…….a real let down.  Kansas State……really nice to see them lose….in spite of the fact that Chip Kelly really needs to get out of the PAC-12 and go coach the NFL Cleveland Browns.  Too bad….he didn’t take them up on it.  Will be interesting to see how Chip deals with all those NCAA Sanctions and Probation issues coming his way in 2013.  How about Urban Meyer and his Buckeyes?  Ohio State and Alabama will be rated Number 2 and 1 respectively as the season opens next August.  OK, enough already….. Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide, A.J. McCarron and his beautiful Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb!

OK, now comes the NFL Play-Offs…..and our genuine sentimental favorite RG III got hurt and that was that.  It’s OK though, because our other favorite team:  The Seattle Seahawks and Coach Pete Carroll were the ones to beat the beloved RG III.   Hope he comes back stronger than ever next year.   In the meantime, it was very cool to see Andrew Luck being beaten badly by the Baltimore Ravens.  Ray Lewis missed a definitive interception that could have been a highlight film for the ages.  Hey, now come all the bad boys:  Patton Manning and the Denver Broncos, our Tom Brady New England Patriots, Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers…….whew…good luck beating any of these people.  We are pulling for the Seahawks, but the chances seem insurmountable…..but maybe!

What about those LA Lakers now?  The NO Defense D’Antoni team has now three very serious injuries:  Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and the guy with the dreadlocks…..Jordan Hill.   Poor Kobe….God Bless him.  Maybe he can find some guys in Santa Ana at a pick-up game that can fill in.  With just Kobe and Steve Nash….what we have here is a bunch of passing and that’s about it.   As we said at the beginning of the season for the Lakers:  When we got Dwight Howard, we immediately needed to get Stan Van Gundy as our Coach.  Stan has two incredible things that Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni do not have:  A good sense of humor and a very honest forthcoming nature!   Isn’t great we have the LA Clippers to fall back on?  They are truly a real potential Play-Off team.  Go Clipper Nation….we are pulling for you in 2013!

OK…..college basketball……has always been a real drag…with the exception of teams coach by Coach “K” or Coach John Wooden.  Since “The Coach” has gone that leaves Coach “K”…..who is another “real guy”.  USC and UCLA don’t have a team this year.  Their chances are pretty much nil and none.  We can watch all those odd ball teams like Gonzaga or Marquette or Notre Dame, Ohio State or any of the Florida Teams.  Call us when we get down to the Sweet 16 and maybe we will take another look at getting excited.

Golf.  Dear God it is so wonderful that only FOX News is still covering Tiger Woods.  Tiger lost his beautiful wife, his dad and his caddie.  Tiger won’t be winning much for another five years.  Maybe he got a Cameo Role in Arnold’s new movie:  The Last Stand….coming out in a few weeks.  Oh we will see Tiger around….but down on the leader board.  Seems like alot of new young Turks are on the stage of Professional Golf Association proceedings.  We still lose that Ryder Cup every year…no matter who we put up against those Europeans.  Ladies and Girls Golf……has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.   Every winner is coming out of Korea.  They seems to be sharing the wins.  They have five from Korea that are winning everything.  That process doesn’t seem to be in for a change….for a while!

They still have some college track and field events, bat hockey and a variety of other odd-ball sports that usually draw 10 or 15 family members….that seem excited.  We will have to wait several months for the Little League World Series, the Boys of Summer Baseball and some World Soccer excitement.   Yeah, we know that the NASCAR season is over and most of those dumb truck races are just that….dumb.  Hey, they don’t even cover most of the girl surfing contests.  Can’t they have some Longboard Girl Championships in Hawaii and other tropical climes?  Motorcycle racing……with sidecars is interesting, but a little too dangerous.  Monster Truck Expos?  Nah!  World Wrestling Federation, World Boxing Federation, International Boxing Federation….Unlimited Fighting Championships……all in all,  a little too out front violent for our taste.

Well, just when we thought that we would be forced to watch the Cowboy Network and Charley’s Angels re-runs  for the next four months…..they finally have settled the National Hockey League strike and lock out.  What was that all about?  The good news is that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup last year and we even got our very own Championship  2012 LA Kings T-shirt.  It will be fun to watch those Boston Bruins and New York Rangers banging folks up against the glass.  How about our Anaheim Ducks?  They should always be fun to watch and what if by magic…..the abbreviated 60 game schedule winds up with those same LA Kings….winning it all – AGAIN?  Should be a whole bunch of violence and serious injuries to look forward to?  Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks – even those Phoenix Coyotes…. Hey, this is 2013 and we seem to be living in some very brutal times!

OK, our spirits are up again.  We now have the NFL Play-Offs and now the NHL half-season to look forward to:  Go Seahawks….Go Kings!


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