I Condemn This Assboil James Yeager’s Comments. How About You, Gun Owners?

Here’s a problem with people constantly calling President Obama, pretty implausibly, a “dictator”: it pisses kerosene and craps kindling right into the smoldering tinder of this guy’s brain. And so here’s what you get:

I’m pretty sure that I could get the Democratic Party Central Committee here, which includes people serious about gun rights, to reject these remarks. How about you, Orange County Republicans? And you, Libertarians? Think it might be time for a joint communique telling this guy that he’s not helping us?

One thing I’d like to see happen is for every National Guard soldier to certify that if they see someone who has said something like this “I will start killing people now if they try to take my guns” guy reaching for a gun in public, in a situation where he’s not obviously trying to defend the life of someone else against an unlawful attack — defined by the U.S. Courts, not by him — they are willing, without hesitation, to shoot him in the head.  He has basically announced that he’s ready to murder people with little or no discrimination.  That means he’s a clear and present danger.

Hate to be that way, but this is — if he has his way, at least — war. And giving into his twisted view of even limited and prudent gun control is, quite literally, giving into to terrorism.

Gun Guy Will Fire First Shot in Civil War

He sure convinced me — but maybe not in the way he had intended.

Hat tip to Triple-B back on the mothership.

Update:  The guy’s name turns out to be James Yeager. Oh, and look!  Yeager made a second video to back away from his first video!  Sort of.  Well, actually, not much.

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