Happy Gun Appreciation Day!


The  pro-gun movement is celebrating “Gun Appreciation Day” today. Is it just a coincidence that it is also a day that Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Day? I have done some snooping around and wanted to know whose idea this “celebration of guns day” was. I had a hunch members of different white supremicist groups would be joing in.

Ever since Obama was elected, I heard rumblings from certain individuals that Obama was going to take away their guns. These comments came from individuals — white males living in Chico California (thats where I lived during that time) and where people of color are rarely seen. Yes, there Is Chico State and that is the reason hubby and I moved there…we figured a college town meant it was pretty liberal. Boy, were we wrong! I didn’t know how wrong until, Obama ran for president…and won! The n-word became part of Obamas name and of course some wouldn’t call him that — they preferred the code word “muslim”.

But lets get back to “Gun Appreciation Day” and it turns out that a group calling themselves American Third position (AP3) was among the many sponsers of this event.  AP3’s  website claims they are a political party and this is part of their mission statement:

The American Third Position Party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination. Our government no longer represents us. The Democrats no longer represent us. The Republicans no longer represent us. There is a real need to educate European Americans that they have common interests, common values, and common traditions.

As you can see I said was– the organizers of this day decided to remove AP3 as an official sponser. I am puzzled though as to why they removed this group because according to their websites invite, If you have an Political or Member Organzation, Non-Profit, For Profit, PAC, Blog, Newsletter and/or Facebook Fan Page and want to help spread the message of the first ever national Gun Apprecation Day we want to add your group to our website as a sponsor.

AP3 calls themselves a political party and is even listed with the IRS as a 527 Political Party, so why kick them out? Could it be because the so-called ‘liberal” media found out and reported it? I find it amazing how its come down to being a liberal and conservative issue. I say its an issue with America’s love affair with guns and violence for that matter. I’m not saying all Americans are violent but those who are, are the most vocal and the rest go along quietly so they don’t rock the boat.

AP3  has their own facebook page which so far has only a little over 800 “Likes” , but I’m sure those numbers will grow.  Facebook is an excellent resource for me to go to see what individuals really think.  People just love to shoot off their mouth (parden the pun) on social media, but just the same,  its an excellent source to find out what people really think.

AP3 is also listed on the White Nationalist Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  There are dozens of groups on the SPLC hate group list besides the usual suspects; the KKK and Aryan Nation. The one thing most of these groups have in common is they believe they are Christians —  God and Guns! Where have I heard that before?

Cathy Areu who writes for the Washington Post told FOX news last June, “I think it’s a tough time to be a white man in America where the minorities are  really taking over, to be quite honest. You’ve noticed on the show people are  willing to vote for an atheist. The Latinos are stepping out. They are,  minorities are outnumbering all whites in America.”

Remember when Obama won a second term and Bill O’Reilly said whites were the minority and Americans want stuff? I think this is whats really behind the pro-gun movement. I’m not talking about those responsible gun owners. I’m talking about the fanatics who hijacked this debate — including the NRA. The NRA speaks for the gun manufacturers. Its a money maker for them too. The NRA gets $1 from every gun sale and since December they made some nice change. The white supremicist groups are also the survivalist groups who are the preppers… These groups really believe the brown people are out to destroy them by taking their jobs and way of life.

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