The Witless Winless Lakers…….

Laker Coach Mike Brown

Can Mike Brown recover from his devastating loss … of the Winships?

Mike Brown has to go.  The Princeton Offense has to go!  This is junk science and junk basketball.  This is not Laker’s Championship Basketball.  The Laker’s opened the 2012 Season with a loss to the Dallas Mavs even without their leaders and lost by a score of 99 Dallas…Laker’s 91.  The Laker’s looked awful.  Brown doesn’t know who to put with who or where.  The man/boy is totally lost on the basketball court.  This is not a coach……he should pay for his courtside ticket.

This is a sad state of affairs.  Charles Barkley explained it all in great detail….after the game.  The Lakers are starting to look like the USC Trojans.  Unremarkable and totally out of sorts.  Blake has to go.  He cannot hit a jumper, an outside shot or a lay up.  What good is he if he just wants to pass the ball to other non remarkable players?

This could well be the worst Laker team ever.  Dwight Howard…..not be used properly.  Steve Nash…..not be used properly.  Kobe Bryant……not be used much.  Pau Gasol… the highlight reel for the entire team.  Our new team of Dred-locks and Tatoos…….ain’t cutting it Jimbo Buss!



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