Sign Thief Caught! Proud and Unrepentant, in Capo USD.


This should be of interest not just to our friends in the hotbed of Capistrano Unified School District, but all over this wild County, where the mysterious disappearance of political signs is epidemic.  My friends Jane Rands in Fullerton and Diana Carey in Westminster are losing signs left and right, and they really can’t afford that.  And those are just my friends, I know it’s happening to everybody.  It’s time to crack down on this offense against democracy!  What was that Travolta and his dealer said in Pulp Fiction about people who “key” cars – “The death penalty.  Immediate.  No judge, no jury.”

Well, Capistrano Unified troublemaker Chris Korpi busted a chick this morning openly and shamelessly stealing signs she disagreed with and shoving them into her SUV;  Chris photographed her, challenged her, called the cops, got her license plate… and she just went on justifying what she was doing.  Hopefully she’ll be made an example of, and then maybe the County’s other many sign thieves will think twice… but we won’t hold our breath.

I’ll let Chris tell the story from here…

Greetings defenders of public education:

As we all know, Steve Lang has stated that he wants to place cell towers at CUSD schools and move the OC Swap Meet to San Clemente High School. This morning signs opposing this effort were placed in SC asking voters to oppose Lang’s desire to violate the SC Village design with these health hazards. While driving through San Clemente this morning I personally caught one of Lang’s supporters tearing down signs and placing them in her SUV. I have attached copies of the original sign and pictures of her theft. I took these pictures myself.

I confronted her while she was taking these signs down at 7AM this morning and she defended her actions as acceptable because she knew Steve Lang and he’s a “nice guy.”  [Excuse me, he’s a “nice guy?”  And because he’s a nice guy, voters shouldn’t know what his positions are?  And you’ll take it on yourself to not let them know?  Never mind, I’ll be quiet again – Vern.]

This is the same Steve Lang that wants to put a Swap Meet and Cell Towers at CUSD schools AND convert San Clemente High School into a for-profit charter school. This is the same Steve Lang who wants to slash teacher’s salaries by up to 30% and supports the wholesale theft of his opponents signs and personal property. I called the OC Sheriff and filed a report on this “Lang Barbie.”  They have this Lang Barbie’s picture and license plate number and were heading to her house after we met.

The most striking part of this incident is that she defended everything she was doing to me when I confronted her and was taking pictures of her car as “rituous” and when I asked how her Mormon Church addressed theft and lying she defended everything she was doing. I asked her how a carpetbagger with less than one year’s residence in SC could possibly know what was best for SC and she couldn’t answer and quickly drove away.

Friends, this is worse then Jennifer Beall and friends in previous elections because our opponents claim a divine right to steal signs and lie and steal. We need to fight back.

Do you need signs? View the “Stop Lang” signs at the link below and let me know if you need a sign to help stop cell towers in SC. Lang has been in SC for less than a year and has no kids in CUSD schools. He is completely unqualified to be a CUSD Trustee and we need to stop him before SCHS becomes a charter school with cell towers and a swap meet.

Let me know if you need signs for John Alpay or Amy Hanacek. We also need your financial help since Lang’s church is helping to finance this takeover of CUSD.


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