Here are Two VP Debate Watch Parties — Where’s Yours? (or … OJB Liveblog?)

Watch Parts, Biden & Ryan, "Looking for a Watch Party?  Here's a Couple!"

“When I searched Google Images for “Watch Party,” did it autocorrect to ‘watch parts? Why yes — why do you ask?”

This Thursday night <wink!,>Joe Biden will <wink!>, for the second straight election <wink!>, debate an attractive young Republican Vice-Presidential candidate who is physically fit, morally censorious, and a complete destructive idiot on economic policy.  (There is a big difference between Paul Ryan and Sarah Pallin, though: Wisconsin doesn’t even border Canada, let alone (sort of Russia.)  When Paul Ryan sees a looming bald-headed guy intruding on his home state’s air space, it’s probably Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

But enough humor!  <wink!>  It’s Vice-Presidential Debate time — and you basically have two choices.  You can watch the debate at a watch party or you can liveblog it here with Vern, presuming that Vern is here doing that.  (There are other theoretical options available for what to do with your Thursday night, but these are the two that won the Top Two primary in June, so you can’t vote for the others.  Nope — if you don’t like it, your alternative is to stay at home.)

The title says “Two” Watch Parties, but I’m willing to revise it upwards based on reader suggestions, so send ’em in!  [Disclosure: I’m part of both sponsoring groups.]  Here’s the two notices that I have in hand:

(1) At the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Union Hall in Orange, 309 North Rampart Street, Orange, CA 92868, the Democratic Party of Orange County is sponsoring a chance you can come watch the debate with Democratic Party members and union members, most of whom will be prepared to hoot at Paul Ryan at high volumes.  If you’re favor Prop 32, I do not suggest that you go there!  (I’m not worried about your safety, but you will probably be humiliated.)

(2) At the Democrats of North Orange County and Jay Chen for Congress Headquarters at 215 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, join the fun and find out about the local campaigns for Congress, Assembly, Fullerton City Council, and that other one.  (I expect to be there — and fully clothed.)

I’ll happily list other debate watching venues — for other clubs, other parties, or non-parties — upon request.  Got one?

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