Three new blogs by OJ friends – Cynthia Ward, Jason Young, and Geoff Willis!


The Orange Juice Blog welcomes three new entries to the OC Blogosphere, launched this month by friends of ours:


Orange County’s favorite porcupine Cynthia Ward, fresh off her winning ballot case* against Steven Albert Chavez Lodge, has just launched herThink OC” blog – which is actually at, the shorter URL being apparently unavailable.  But by all means, DO think for yourself!

This looks to be a very valuable addition to our community, much more than some of what passes for conservative or Republican blogging around here.  Principled Anaheim conservative Cynthia Ward, flung off the shipwrecked Red County but proudly rejecting this blog’s invitation, is joined by what she assures me is at least one liberal blogger.  And what’s not to love about self-described “non-partisan, kool-aid-free views on politics, policy makers, and the passing parade that affects the Orange County area?”

The latest contributions at Think OC are:

Sounds like we should put up an RSS feed to this blog, once we figure out what the code is…

* (Oh, Cynthia’s “winning case” against Chavez Lodge? I know that the Lodge apologists at OC Political like to say she lost that one, since Steve gets to keep his Chavez, and she IS going to have to worry about covering her lawyer’s costs.  But when you take into account his loss of “retired policeman,” the awkward insertion of “Albert,” and the fact that he was hoping to be alphabetized under Chavez but now according to the registrar will be alphabetized under Lodge after all putting him lower on the ballot…and I’ve talked to more than one experienced politician who thinks it was a clearcut Cynthia victory simply because the alphabet soup of “Steven Albert Chavez Lodge” sounds so SILLY!)


Meanwhile former Juice blogger Geoff Willis, who left us in a huff half a year ago, has started HIS new blog, which appears to be well-done, getting lots of hits and actually sparking some intelligent debate.  All you liberals, moderates and libertarians who miss busting Geoff’s chops can find him now at the Thinking Right Blog!  (*cough* he WOULD call it that.)

As you would expect, Geoff’s new blog is highly partisan (i.e. unstintingly anti-Democrat and anti-Obama) and focused entirely on national and world issues rather than local.  He remains staunchly opposed to “racism” (which he seems to almost always perceive as directed against whites,)  “sexism” (ditto against males,) “bigotry” (ditto against Christians) and “censorship” or “political correctness” (meaning whenever people ridicule or criticize what he and other rightwingers say.)  Surprisingly though, I don’t immediately perceive any “Fast and Furious” material, or as he used to call it here, “Obama Murdergate!”  Maybe that scandal isn’t panning out the way he had hoped.

But Geoff HAS been getting a lot of traffic – and before you start thinking that’s because of Craigslist or something, I have to admit that he is getting a lot of very good arguments going back and forth on his incendiary pieces – and that’s even BEFORE MY flying monkeys descend on his blog – Anon, Anonster, Demagogue, Rapscallion, Diamond!

Geoff’s latest stories are:

Now, don’t you all miss saying:

Well then, descend, my darlings!

Oh, I should also tell you – Geoff has a co-pontificator named Becky Jones, who writes on foreign affairs from a general point of view of “Everything Obama does is wrong.”   I haven’t yet had time to read her articles to see if they make any sense, but with her “Ph.D. in political science with a concentration in comparative politics,” she at first glance seems to know what she’s talking about, and could be very valuable to a Romney campaign that seems to have ceded foreign policy to our smart, strong President.  Well, check out Becky’s latest anyway, and tell her what you think:

I’m gonna link to Geoff under our national blogs;  but since national issues are not our main specialty here he won’t be getting an RSS feed off to the side, although we do appreciate him linking to us!


Jason Sumague-Young speaks truth to power at the fabled August 8 Anaheim Council mega-meeting.  Previously unpublished photo by Jason’s secret fan Chris Prevatt.

But my money for who’s gonna win the OC Weekly’s coveted “Best Political Blog” this year (which we won once before we deserved it – shades of Obama’s Peace Prize) is Jason Sumague Young’s “Save”  Because Gustavo loves it so much.  As do I.

Previously called “No Jordan” until a bunch of us convinced Jason that, as objectionable as Jordan is, he is far from Anaheim’s only dangerous corporate villain, Save Anaheim regularly amazes with its embarrassing exposes from that big city’s corporate/political power nexus.

Jason is a Republican turned Democrat, but like everything that’s going on in Anaheim these days, his blog is WAY beyond partisan.  And me and Jason and Cynthia get together regularly to compare notes.  How more post-partisan can you get?

Some recent scoops and insights from Jason’s blog (often picked up later by the Weekly) :

So, um, wrapping things up then.  We welcome these three new blogs and are happy to link to them!  Now enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!


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