The Dumb Refs?


Leslie Nielsen’s Frank Drebin tries his hand at the fine art.

The blame game is a very interesting one about the brew-ah-ha about the Replacements Referees.  They are accused of being uneducated, un-trained, un-regulated and just plain inept.  NFL Players and fans have had no qualms about standing up for the side of the so-called Professional Refs which have been standing on the sidelines and negotiating with the NFL to the point – they don’t want the NFL messing with them.  Why might that be?  What would the Refs refuse to give in on any Reforms?  Could it be that the old Refs are Dumb like a Fox.  They already have their relationships established with Las Vegas and On-Line Gaming Companies around the world.  What might happen if they can control that action in the future?

The game in Seattle, which pitted the Seahawks against the dreaded Packers of Green Bay – was truly a very enjoyable and entertaining game.   The Grand Underdog Seahawks with the newly minted Rookie Quarterback stood tall against the Hard Meanies of Green Bay.  On the last play of the game with little hope of success the Football Gods or the Replacement Refs gave the game to Seattle.  It was great for Pete Carroll fans everywhere.  The Seattle Defense had been just about amazing stopping Aaron Rodgers the great MVP from Green Bay.  Across the board, Seattle’s Defense was awesome!

The number of stupid penalties was also an amazing number….maybe 30 or more……it became all a blur.  Defense one penalty….then Offense one penalty.  Those penalties, many of them phantom – occupied most of the game.  NFL players are pretty smart and were breaking the rules with impunity……guessing that the new Refs would miss over half of them – which they did.  Did the Refs change the results of the game?   Of course they did….but not just on the last play.  The game was changed because this Ref or that …..”thought it was a penalty”…whether it was or not.

What might have happened if the so-called Professional Refs had been in control of the game.  Our guess is – that the Seahawks would have beaten the point spread….but not have won the game.  Why?   Gambling and pay-offs to answer simply! Billions and billions are a stake on every NFL Game, especially those Monday, Sunday or Thursday Night games which draw the giant audiences.  Can we stop NFL Gambling?  Hardly, but what the NFL Owners and Roger Goodell want is just a chance to change the odds every now and then.  The NFL Refs never want to give up “their control” over who wins and who loses….in a purely Entertainment sense of course!  The NFL Owners and Roger Goodell may never have another opportunity to clean up their sport – for several more years unless they “hang tough” and not cave to the Professional Refs.

How about a NFL Season with an Asterisk? Everyone wants Pete Rose, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds to place an Asterisk by each of their records because they cheated with Performance Enhancing Drugs.  We have no problem with any of that.  It is now about time to put a positive Asterisk on an NFL Season.  Let this the be the NFL Season – that didn’t have the Professional Gamblers run the show….the entire year.  Stay tough NFL Owners.  Stay tough Roger Goodell.

The Dumb Ref’s?  Go home and watch it on TV.  Maybe your Little League Football Camp needs a Ref!  Go for it!  Maybe you can get the Professional Gamblers to bet on those games!

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