It’s Much Better Than Actually Meeting Ed Royce!

Ed Royce's "accomplishments

The people who put together for Jay Chen’s campaign really know what they’re doing.  Then again, they’ve had so much to work with!

Meet Ed Royce. A career politician who has spent more than half his life bashing government and ignoring constituents, while collecting a tax-payer funded salary. After 32 years in the State Senate and U.S. Congress, this Tea Party member has become a symbol of everything that is wrong with government.

Ed Royce voted for two wars and voted to keep our troops in Iraq, yet wouldn’t serve when he had the chance and wants to cut services and care for our veterans. He voted to slash Medicare funding and turn Medicare into a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay thousands more while raising taxes for middle class families. He voted to cut student aid and pell grants, and allow student loan interest rates to double. In a Congressional district that is 60% minority, Ed Royce has pushed for draconian English-Only laws to suppress voting.

So who does Ed Royce fight for? The big banks that bankroll his campaign. Ed Royce has collected over $2 million in campaign contributions from the securities and investment firms he fights for. He is the top recipient of campaign dollars from Countrywide, and voted against regulating the subprime mortgage industry even after it had sent our economy into a tailspin. Almost 40% of his contributions come from corporate PACs, and his biggest individual supporters include Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump. He’s Wall Street’s voice, not ours.

Meet Ed Royce. The wrong voice. The wrong choice.

That’s good stuff, but I found this simple list of top donors pretty eloquent all by itself:


Bank of America – $81,201
Wells Fargo – $61,300
Washington Mutual – $61,800
Morgan Stanley – $57,250
Credit Suisse – $50,500
JP Morgan Chase – $49,570


Banks and Finance – $1,332,864
Insurance – $901,670
Real Estate – $828,759
Lawyers and Law Firms – $435,755

See, folks, that’s how you build up a $4,000,000 war chest!  (Too bad he’s squandering it all away now!)

On the issues, you’ll find sections on Royce’s positions on: Veterans, Wall Street, Women, Seniors, Immigration, The Middle Class, Social Security, Students, and Small Business.  I’d quote more, but then you might not go there yourself and enjoy the clever graphics.

I expect good things from this site — especially regarding how Ed Royce is now backpedaling away from aspects of his record at near the speed of light.  He’s doing it in really deceptive ways, too — but I don’t want to jump the gun on what promises to be a nice series of articles.  (Word of advice to Rep. Royce’s staff: you might want to be more careful in who you send literature to — even Republicans — if you don’t want people like me to see it!)

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