Inland Valley WalMart Warehouse Workers Choose Strike Over Heat Stroke




[Remember how hot it was last week? It could have been worse for you. Here’s a petition worth considering! — GAD]

Walmart Warehouse Workers Strike

Better on the picket line than in line at the ER.

This past week, Walmart warehouse workers in Southern California like me went on strike to demand an end to inhumane working conditions.

Right now, temperatures in Riverside and San Bernardino top 100 degrees daily. And inside Walmart’s metal containers, where we lift heavy boxes, the temperature can get up to 120 degrees. There is little ventilation, and the heat and pollutants we inhale can make us vomit and bleed from the nose.

We have spoken up about these dangerous conditions, but only gotten intense retaliation from our bosses. You can’t speak up, or you’ll get fired. Walmart treats us like we are disposable.

That’s why I started a petition on to Mike Duke, the CEO of Walmart, merely asking him to meet with us. So far he has refused to do so, and he needs to feel pressure from the general public, not just the Walmart workers.

Click here to sign the petition supporting Walmart’s warehouse workers.

My experience is not uncommon in Walmart-contracted warehouses. After five years of lifting heavy boxes every day in the warehouse, my body aches. I am 31. Walking is difficult, lifting my son is nearly impossible, and I frequently have very painful back spasms.

Then I seriously hurt my back, and I had to fight for medical attention. The managers of the warehouse didn’t care about my health or safety. They tried to prevent me from seeing a doctor.

I fought and I won medical care, but I have seen a lot of my coworkers fired for similar injuries. They leave the warehouse hurt, with no job and no healthcare.

Click here to sign my petition urging Walmart CEO Mike Duke to meet with his warehouse workers to discuss these conditions.

Thanks for your support.

–Marta Medina

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