Expose Kellogg’s Genetically Modified Food Tour, Sunday at Anaheim’s Honda Center


Kelloggs is sponsoring a 40-city gymnastics tour and the California Right to Know group will be there to greet them when they show up this Sunday at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

Proponents of the Yes on Prop 37 will be outside the Honda Center announcing that Kellogg’s does not want consumers to know if their food contains Genetically Modified ingredients. Since it has poured over half a million dollars  against the labeling initiative, Kellogg’s agrees that labeling would be costly — but they have changed their packaging for the Olympics. Isn’t that interesting?

The latest polls show that 90% of Californians want to know what they are eating. Monsanto, who is leading the pack against labeling gmos, doesn’t want Californians, or for that matter other Americans, to know what’s in their food — even though Monsanto promotes labeling in the UK and Europe. Whole Foods Market is the latest grocery chain to publicly endorse Yes on Prop 37.

Demonstrators will be on Katella Street and Stadium Promenade from 3-6 p.m. holding signs and passing out flyers with more information about this initiative. For more information go to this facebook page!

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