Shoot Em Up! It’s as American as Apple Pie!

I found this article out of Florida.  Will this be another ‘Stand Your Ground Defense’?
FORT MYERS, FL -A probable cause affidavit reveals chilling details about the murder of a salesman in the driveway of a home in Cape Coral Wednesday afternoon. The suspect allegedly shot the salesman in the head “for effect.”According to the report, Nicholas Rainey and two other men were going door to door selling meat.  Rainey was at the house at 1815 SW 30th Terrace and knocked on the door, but no one answered. As Rainey walked down the driveway, a vehicle, driven by Kenneth Roop, pulled into the driveway.Roop told Cape Coral Police he yelled, “What are you doing in my yard?” Rainey allegedly said, “I’m here with meat.” Roop told police Rainey’s tone of voice, attitude and demeanor made him nervous. He said he was scared because the man was walking toward him and he didn’t know what he had in his hands, reports said. Roop said he removed his Glock from his pocket, aimed and fired at Rainey .Rainey dropped to the ground face down.

Roop said he fired a second shot in the man’s head. When asked why, he told police “for effect.”

Roop later told police he was still in fear of the man, even as he was falling to the ground because he believed Rainey was reaching for something.

Police wrote in the report that Roop demonstrated what he meant and that it appeared as though Rainey was just grabbing his chest where he was wounded, reports said.

Roop told police he has three no trespassing signs on his property and Rainey should have respected that, according to reports.

It goes on from there.

It was just a few months ago that Trevon Martin was shot dead because he was wearing a hoodie, walking to his mom’s condominium in Sanford Florida. His alleged killer,George Zimmerman was recently asked what he thought about killing Martin and he replied ” I think it’s part of God’s plan”. Really? That’s his answer? This guy won’t even man up and admit he killed Martin because he figured he was up to something, so he decided he had the right to be his judge and executioner. The Florida Stand Your Ground Law, seems  to give guys like Zimmerman and  Roop a sense of empowerment to take the law in their own hands. It smacks of the Wild West if you ask me. Florida passed the Stand Your Ground law in 2005. Before that Florida averaged about 12 ‘justifiable homocides’ a year. Since then its tripled. I would like to be protected from civilians running around with concealed weapons thinking there is someone lurking around the next corner planning to do them harm.

Then we have James Holmes aka The Joker, who  got all dressed up in military attire and shot up a movie theater of people in Colorado. How does the public respond? By purchasing even more guns! They think they can just shoot their way out of any situation. Its completely insane!  Word is now coming out that Holmes was under a psychiatrist’s care. If this is true how the Hell did he get to buy guns and $3,000 worth of ammunition? Now thats crazy! I would like to be protected by wackos brandishing enough weaponry to start their own war, thinking they are acting out the part of some comic book character.

I cannot believe with all these killings by individuals who clearly shouldn’t own a slingshot let alone an assortment of  weapons that we refuse, as a nation to even have a serious discussion about gun control. No instead we create laws like In Florida where some idiot interprets the law that he has the right to kill someone ‘for effect’ because he thought a man carrying a box of lobster tails was going to harm him. Am I the only one thinking we  who publicly claim (and will fight to the death anyone who dare challenge this ) to be a Christian nation has gone completely mad?

We are told  we cannot discuss gun control right now because people are in mourning. I think this is exactly the right time to discuss gun control because in a week Americans will forget all about it, except those families dealing with the loss of their loved ones. I am sick and tired of gun owners telling me that they need there guns for self protection. When my son was in high school I remember him telling me that one of his classmates accidently shot herself with her father’s gun. She was playing around with it and killed herself.  I wonder if her parents argued the case they needed protection? I argue she needed protection from her parents who kept a loaded weapon in an unlocked box. My son used to go over her  house to play video games. If I had any idea there was a loaded gun in their house I would never have let him go over there.

Last weekend two  men, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo were  shot and killed by Anaheim police in two different incidents, which touched off 3 days of protesting. I would like to be protected from rogue cops who think putting on a uniform gives them the right to kill when someone who doesn’t stop as fast as they would like. I heard the suggestion of cops using rubber bullets to stop suspected individuals who choose to run. That idea sounds more than reasonable to me since it seems to work against protesters.

I know that neither candidate running for President will dare suggest that we ban assault weapons. Doing so is political suicide. So how many more killings are we going to accept in order to feel safe? When do we say enough is enough?

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