Protesters: Don’t Even Think About Parking at the Anaheim Police Department Today


Anaheim Police Department, night view with barriers

¡No pasarán!

Welcome, protesters and people-in-need alike, to the Anaheim Police Department, site of weekly Sunday protests from noon until 2:00 for over the past year! Last week’s protest was a bit larger than normal, what with the “unrest” on Anna Drive in the North Central area and all. The crowd got rambunctious (though without being violent or destroying property, as happened last Tuesday around City Hall), coming into the police department lobby and yelling at the police there. There are some indications that this will be harder to accomplish this week.

Open gate next to barrier at entrance to police department

"Single file, please!"

When I first looked at this scene, I thought “oh, well at least they’ll still be open for business.” My next thought was “you know, you could still get a crowd of 50-60 people through that opening and into the lobby.” In that case, what was the use? Later, looking at this photo, I had another thought: you can get lots of people in, given some extra time, through that small entrance — but you can’t get them out quickly again. If police decided that they wanted to arrest a whole bunch of people, they’d be able to do so at their leisure. Perhaps we should call this the Admiral Ackbar Gate, because … IT’S A TRAP!

Anaheim PD surrounded by barriers and gate

"Why no, that doesn't look imposing at ALL!"

The visitor’s parking lot is closed off to traffic, unless you want to risk driving into a “do not enter” sign, but it’s not entirely empty.  Some people appear to have been camped out there for a while — and will remain so through tomorrow.

Collage of News Vans

Wouldn't it be tragic to deny them a story? They've worked so hard for one!

You, on the other hand, are not going to park there. Not at all.

Anaheim - barrier to parking lot

You, on the other hand, will NOT be parking there.

See you at the protest rally at noon! Good luck finding a place to park!

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