Mike Galloway jumps into Council race! What is Craig Hunter’s role in APD’s abuses? And other dispatches from the Happeningest Place on Earth…


The Orange Juice Blog is happy to break the news that…

Termed-out Councilwoman Lorri Galloway’s husband Mike has decided to jump into the Anaheim Council race!  A  retired electrician, Native American, and longtime volunteer for Eli Home, the award-winning home for abused women and children he founded in the 90’s with his wife, Mike immediately becomes a frontrunner in the field.

Lorri and Mike Galloway with daughters.

Ordinarily the Orange Juice Blog is as skeptical as anyone about “dynasties” in politics, but, given the slim pickings in Anaheim council candidates this year, and the dire need for good progressives on the council during these rough times, we’re willing to give Mike a chance!  What will he do on the Council, what is his platform?  We want to know too.  Watch the Orange Juice Blog for the first, exclusive interview with Council candidate Mike Galloway very soon!

Announcing the Orange Juice project of “Let’s spend lots of money at the vandalized businesses!”

As was widely reported, several perfectly innocent businesses in the vicinity of Anaheim’s City Hall fell victim to the mob’s inchoate wrath during the riots after the last Council meeting, suffering broken windows and more.  We don’t condone any of those actions, although we do sympathize with the helpless sense of anger the rioters must have felt after first having their friends and relatives summarily executed by the police sworn to protect them, and then apparently being locked out of their own City Council meeting.  I probably would have felt like throwing something myself.

But these businesses – the “T-Shirts Outlet,” the Starbucks, the Taqueria Leonardo, deserved none of it, and over the next week we are going to be featuring each of them here and encouraging all our readers to spend money there.  And when you do, let them know (if) you’re a fighter for reform in Anaheim and a strong opponent of police brutality there, but that you feel they didn’t deserve to suffer the damage they did.  I foresee, among other things, a large order of Take Back Anaheim t-shirts from a certain Mom and Pop store at 280 West Lincoln.  Details to come…

Who’s really responsible for APD’s terrible policies? Could it be Deputy Chief Craig Hunter?

Craig Hunter, deputy police chief of Anaheim, soon-to-be chief, and once and future sheriff candidate?

There is apparently a policy at the Anaheim Police Department of shooting fleeing minority youths, perhaps suspected gang members, in the back of the head – summarily executing them.  It’s happened often enough that we can surmise that it’s a policy.  And apparently there’s also a policy of gross, militaristic, staggeringly expensive over-reaction to protests.  You could almost think that some sinister authoritarian mind had planned this out, and that it’s all gone according to their plan so far.

Chief Welter bears responsibility for these policies, and he could change them.  But inside sources who know him are puzzled, saying he’s a smart and slick person and these policies are neither.  They also respond to calls for his removal or resignation by claiming he WILL be gone soon, but the “number two guy is much worse.”  And who is this number two guy?  Deputy Chief Craig Hunter.

Does that name ring a bell?  It’s because he ran for Orange County Sheriff in 2010 against incumbent Sandra Hutchens.  The Register even endorsed him over Hutchens because of his willingness to slash police pensions.  Hunter is obviously an ambitious lawman, and Welter is looking for his way out of this nightmare.  Could it be that executing suspected gangbangers and raining the militaristic wrath of God on resultant protests is the opening salvo of an incipient Caesar, something he thinks will play well with the voting mobs of white OC reactionaries?  This is all still speculation, but something the Orange Juice thinks needs looking into, because it makes sense.

Figuring out who the “puppeteers” are behind the protests…

Meanwhile, small minds – I take that back, TINY minds – minds that just can’t IMAGINE oppressed folks from poor neighborhoods having any agency or will of their own, are scrambling to figure out who the “puppeteers” are behind all these angry “puppets” on the street.  Well, okay, we all know they’re not REALLY trying to figure out who the “puppeteers” are, they’re just using the unpopularity of the sometimes unruly protests to tar the people who have always been their political foes.  The two main examples:

Blaming the rioting on Mayor Tait

To the backers of the corporatist majority on Council – that is, Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, council candidate Jordan Brandman, all ACTUAL puppets of Curt Pringle and Disney, the most hated politician right now is moderate Republican Mayor Tom Tait, with his principled opposition to corporate welfare and his general encouragement of strengthened democracy.  This crowd is hellbent on discrediting him in any way possible, and replacing him as mayor with hardcore corporatist Kris Murray.  On “Colony” message boards, on the local blogs, and whispered in frightened angry rooms, you hear nonsense like this:

Tait needs to take responsibility for these Riots – his organizers at Take Back Anaheim – were in our neighborhoods begging people to rally at city hall. And for what? So he can get his political agenda front and center. He’s the Mayor – he should be asking for peace – but no, he is still only focused on what is in it for him…

It’s good for a chuckle, this idea of the laid-back blue-blood Mayor, whose motto is “fiscal responsibility, freedom and kindness,” as some 21st-century Che Guevara calling forth mobs of Communists and gangbangers to break windows and throw stuff at cops in the service of his opposition to corporate welfare, but … there you go.  That’s what the Murray-Eastman-Brandman folks would have you believe.  (more here)

Blaming the rioting on Lorri Galloway and Take Back Anaheim

It makes a TINY bit more sense to blame the riots on the progressive forces who have been trying to get the poorer neighborhoods to organize and be more politically active – your Councilwoman Galloway, her aide Joanne Sosa, Take Back Anaheim, Los Amigos.  But encouraging disfranchised people to organize and to speak up for themselves IS NOT the same thing as encouraging riots, vandalism, projectiles, obscenities … which some people have been accusing the progressives of.

And some of the people doing the accusing (you know who you are!) are Tom Tait supporters, who should be our allies, and are trying to deflect the bullshit off of HIM.  Lorri sent me this response yesterday, in reaction to a certain someone’s false accusations about her actions last Tuedsay:

The insidious accusation that I was inciting rioters to yell obscenities at police officers is absolutely false.  This kind of accusation is irresponsible and takes away from the true issues that have affected our city. 

Last Tuesday, I walked through the lobby of city hall to see if residents of Anna Drive were able to get a seat in the council chambers to voice their concerns.  I greeted residents and visitors.   All seats were filled mostly by those who were called by others to come early and show support for the $158 million taxpayer giveaway.  [That would be the building-trades hardhats – V]  I then stood in an enclosed area with city staff, the police chief, and police officers while I waited for the city council meeting to begin.

Friends who favor reform and should be our allies, let’s stop this sniping!  We can expect this kind of slander from the Murray-Eastman-Brandman crowd, let’s not do it to ourselves!

Finally, I regret that I can think of nothing nasty to say about Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman joining Sunday’s peace march.

This Sunday past there were two marches or protests – the usual one at the police department which has been written about here already, and a silent “Peace Walk” organized by “We Are Anaheim / Somos Anaheim” which started at city hall, marched up to La Palma Park, then headed over to Harbor and down to the Police Station.  Since I had a ride I decided to go to a little of both.

I was surprised to see quite a distinguished crowd of politicians participating in the “Peace Walk” – state senator Lou Correa, assemblyman Jose Solorio, supervisor-elect Todd Spitzer, assembly candidate Tom Daly, labor leader Julio Perez, council candidate John Leos.  But the biggest surprise was seeing Councilwoman Kris Murray and Council candidate Jordan Brandman, two of Anaheim’s biggest corporatists.  But try as I might, I can’t think of anything bad to say about them being there.

The policies they favor hurt the poor neighborhoods that are also being attacked by the police.  The corporate interests that fund them and whose interests they fight for at everyone else’s expense are the same ones the police so ostentatiously and extravagantly defend.  They were both accompanied by what looked like bodyguards – Kris with Todd Spitzer and Jordan with Claudio Gallegos (who I had THOUGHT was fervently opposed to Jordan’s politics.)

But still.  At a Peace March there is room for everybody!  We will defeat Kris and Jordan and their corporatist agenda … peacefully!

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