Where are the Lakers?

Old Minneapolis Lakers logo and Carson Palmer

Old logo of apparently misplaced Lakers and old helmeted head of Carson Palmer: both round, both apparently hurting. Is this just a coincidence? And why aren't the Kings already Stanley Cup champions? The Stanley cup is round when viewed from above. More coincidence?

Sports…..we send our kids to school and encourage them to play organized sports.  Some swim competitively, some play soccer at such early ages that you wonder how they can even walk or run much less kick a soccer ball into a goal, some become gymnastic mavens – taking 4 year old girls and encouraging them to walk a balance beam or do flips off a high bar, some play baseball, football and basketball.  Parents are encouraged to teach their children to participate so they will not wind up like most kids – obese, sedentary and stuck on their I-Pad or computer.  Some kids take to snowboarding, surfing or track and field events.  The concept is strictly to get our kids into competitive sports – so they might excel at whatever they do.

Parents of kids are two basic types:  (1) Hyper-Competitive, trying to re-live their former glories or trying to make their kids do what they couldn’t do.  These are for all intent and purposes “Sports Stage Mom & Pops”.  They are into every aspect of the games, the chocie of coaches, the staff of support coaches, the Organizing Committees and of course the oppostion players or coaches and their actions.  Secondly, you have those parents that are just too busy….trying to make a living or taking care of sick relatives.  They hardly pay much attention to whatever their kids are doing in competitive sports.  They hardly even recognize when their kids suffer a minor cut, bruise or in some cases a major sports injury.  Concussions are examples of injuries that both of the parent types we mention may miss or discount for wholly different reasons.  Our first parent type – “The Competitor” – wants the kid to play so badly that he doesn’t want to admit that a serious injury has occurred.  The 2nd parent type:  “The Busy One” – hardly notices when their kid gets an injury unless it is reported by the school.  

The demands of team sports are such that even the kids do not want to mention any infirmity or else the Coaches and the team mates will cast aspersions on their toughness or ability.  The results are that in many cases season ending or sports career ending injuries occur – far too often.  

Recently, a 1000 NFL Players have sued the NFL for playing those players after they had suffered serious Concussions.  Brain damage, Alzheimer’s and a variety of other non-diagosed mental problems have resulted.  NFL Hall of Fame Player Junior Seau recently committed suicide along with several others over the last few years…..all them had suffered Severe Brain Issues by way of Concussions.   Knee issues for NFL, NBA, MLB, NSL and other professional associations lose players year in and year out due to ACL, MCL, Bone on Bone Arthritis, Micro-Fracture Surgery and more.  These issues do not include Hamstring, Shoulder, Elbow, Back and Neck injuries.  These issues are becoming epidemic not just in Professional Sport but in NCAA College, High School and even Grammar School and non sanctioned City League play.

The LA Kings are currently in the finals of the Stanley Cup.  After winning three games, they have lost the last two.  Hockey is a violent sport that requires lots of hitting, whacking and smashing your opponent.  Last year one player was taken from the ice on a strecher, luckily only suffering a serious concussion during the play-offs.  This year a star for the Chicago Blackhawks also suffered serious injury during their run for the Stanley Cup, causing the team to depart early from the competition.

Last year during the NFL Play-offs several players were not only seriously injured during the play-offs, but in fact were targeted by various Coaches around the league “to put these guys out”.  A few years ago, while the Cincinnati Bengals were on a good run, while playing the Pittsburgh Steelers – Carson Palmer, the Bengal Quarterback was obviously targeted within three minutes of the start of the play-off game and carted off the field.  Peyton Manning also, suffered season ending neck injuries – requiring four neck surgeries.

The NBA is supposed to be the National Basketball League.  Watching the hard hits, the sneaky fouls, the downright dirty play of the teams during the Play-Offs has been despicable.  Ron (Metta World Peace) Artest of the Lakers was obviously the designated “hitter” for the LA Lakers.  There was a reason for this of course of action;  the Oklahoma Thunder and the Miami Heat.  Both of these teams in the finals for the NBA Championship and are not attractive teams.  They are mean, brutal and aggressively physical gang members….rather than what one might consider truly Professional Basketball teams.  Yes, they can shoot 3-point baskets, yes they muscle their way through traffic, yes they have good coaching, yes they have talented players……but believe us, they are not the epitome of what the NBA should be!

The LA Lakers this year, had a bad coach – had a selection of players that could not hit the basket when they needed to.  The Lakers are going through a transition of sorts.  Jerry Buss the original owner is slowly down and retiring.  Jeannie Buss the daughter of Jerry is the girlfriend of the prior Hall of Fame Coach  Phil Jackson (We miss you Zen Master!”).   Jim Buss in the son of Jerry and along with Mitch Kupchek are now running the team and making the choices.   The reality is that Kobe Bryant probably couldn’t have won this year in any event with the current players at hand.  Andrew Bynum who had suffered Micro Fracture Surgery a couple of years back is doing OK…..but what will happen to the Lakers next year and what other dark corners will the NBA Commissioner uncover? 

Finally, the search for a Triple Crown Winner in Horse Racing came to an abrupt end the day before yesterday and  just before the start of the Belmont Stakes.  It seems that the “I’ll Have Another” was suddenly scratched due to some unforeseen leg injury.  Additionally, the so-called Nose Breathers that had been allowed for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness were banned for the Belmont Stakes.   Oddly, the two horses that came in 2nd and third in the prior two races did not race in the Belmont Stakes.  “Bodemiester” and “Creative Cause”……were not entered.

The happy good news is that both the Oklahoma Thunder and the Miami Heat are playing in the NBA final.  That means that ONE of those teams is going to lose….and we are really excited about that.  It really doesn’t matter which one either!

Where are the Lakers?  At home for the holidays!   Kobe…stay safe…we love you!











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