Obama Murdergate / Watergate Increasingly Identical – Contempt Voted For Holder



"I'm going to hold my breath until this goes away!"

June has been a bad month for one-term President Obama and it is getting worse by the day.  Today, a congressional committee voted overwhelmingly (23-17) to issue a contempt citation to United States Attorney General Eric Holder for his failure to cooperate with a congressional investigation into the Obama policy that led to scores of murders including one federal officer.  Before the vote, oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Obama’s move to declare the release of congressionally demanded documents protected by executive privilege “falls short of any reason to delay today’s proceedings.  If the Justice Department had delivered the documents they freely admitted they could have delivered, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Today, the President sunk to a new low by declaring “executive privilege” for thousands of pages of documents in the Fast & Furious scandal.  What makes this claim of executive privilege more interesting or damning is that the President has steadfastly claimed that he has never seen any of these documents.  Hmmm, executive privilege for documents not seen by the executive office – interesting.

In two programs code named “Project Gunrunner” and “Operation Fast and Furious” President Obama’s Justice Department, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (the “ATF”), approved the sale to Mexican drug cartels of more than 1,800 AK-47s and 50 caliber sniper rifles.  The ostensible plan was to follow the weapons across the Mexican border to allow the ATF to chart a path to the leadership of the cartels.  One not so small problem, the ATF “lost track” of more than 1,000 of the assault and sniper rifles.

Unfortunately, these weapons started turning up at crime scenes and two were found at the murder of United States Border Agent Brian Terry who was killed in a gun battle with members of a Mexican drug cartel.  When Agent Terry’s mother was informed about the connection between the ATF sold guns and her son’s death she responded that she was “flabbergasted.”  “At first I didn’t believe it,” she said.

This program started two months into the Obama administration and was the responsibility of United States Attorney General Eric Holder.  The ultimate responsibility for the programs lands at President Obama’s feet, but the President has denied any knowledge of the operations until details of the murder of Agent Terry started to emerge.

Mr. Holder has been very consistent in his approach to the scandal much like those that put together the catastrophic Watergate scheme, lie early and lie often.  In early 2011 Mr.  Holder testified that the first time that he had heard about the gun running Operation Fast and Furious, the cause of President Obama’s Murdergate scandal, was “just a few weeks” before his testimony.  Documents released in October showed that statement to be an outright lie.  Mr. Holder received repeated briefings on the ill-fated operation for more than a year before he stepped up to congressional microphones.  Following that event, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) called on President Barack Obama to appoint a special counsel to determine if Holder lied to Congress a request that has picked up some political steam in the past few weeks as the specter of further lies and further coverups emerge.
While this growing scandal has been largely ignored until now by media with the exception of Fox and conservative publications, the media now has no choice but to cover this story given the contempt charges levied against Holder.  Many in the left have arrogantly ignored the story and dismissed the charges as if it was delusional to think anyone in the Obama administration would actually be held responsible for their actions.  In fact the Juice’s very own Greg Diamond  quipped late last year, “Ride this story to victory, podner. I support you in your spending all of your time on this.”  Don’t worry Mr. Diamond, we will ride this all of the way to the White House.

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