Issa Confuses Self With Straw Man Version of Obama; Conscience Screams for Help

Hey, here’s a little something out there for our too-often neglected South County friends, most of whom have just nominated Rep. Darrell Issa to take part in the recall.  And the bonus is, you get to learn some Freudian psychology too!  (Hint: the “superego” is basically the “conscience.”)

What I’m going to describe really happened this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with …” pundit chat show.  Rep. Darrell Issa was a guest, there to talk about how the House was going to issue a contempt citation against Attorney General  Eric Holder due to his role in blocking Republican attempts to prevent people they don’t like from voting the “Fast and Furious” case where local Arizona lawmen bungled a sting operation involving selling guns to Mexican drug cartels so that their path could be traced back to, shall we say, the Big Enchiladas, with the result that an American federal agent was killed.

Holder is saying basically “look, this wasn’t my thing, it came from the Bush Administration and the operational decisions were made in Arizona” and Obama is saying “yeah, I was too busy saving the economy and killing bin Laden to take care of every detail in the federal government, so don’t drag me into this” and those of us with an ounce of sense left are rebutting the right wing conspiracy theory that Obama did this to discredit guns so that he can implement gun control with the observation that Obama has not, in fact, been trying to implement gun control so he didn’t really need to accidentally kill a federal agent for a pretext.

(By the way, our prodigal correspondent Geoff Willis was the motive force behind this story, which is now not only landing Holder in Darrell’s Dungeon, but which is also infecting the minds of countless senior citizens who think that Fox News Channel’s Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade really are their friends.  But is Orange Juice Blog credited every time the story is mentioned?  No, it is not.  And are we complaining?)

But let’s get to the fun stuff.  Issa is being asked whether it’s fair for Obama and Holder to cast blame on underlings and to pin responsibility on those who came up with this sort of sneaky policy during the Bush Administration — and he demands that his brain spit out an enlightening analogy and this is what the dark reaches of his unconscious mind send down to be blurted out of his mouth:

“The whole point of this thing is a little bit like when you do something wrong and then lie about it as a young person, you can’t say, oh, after you get caught, my brother did it, too…”

Oh, Darrell.  Oh, my God — Darrell — how many nanoseconds was it before you realized what it was that you had just said?  Did you think back to your own history as a young car thief who … yes, yes, it’s true … blamed your brother for all of the bad things that got him into trouble?

Some readers unfamiliar with our newest partial-district incumbent Congressman (balancing out Linda Sanchez on the other side of the county) are not going to believe that this could be true.

Well, read this: Darrell Issa To Lead Obama Investigations: Suspected Arson, Car Theft, Weapons Charges! Wait! That Is Issa’s Past!

(That articles is more than a year and a half old, by the way!  How could anyone have predicted that long ago that Issa would do this?)

I’m pretty sure that Orange Juice Blog’s own archives will have a heapin’ helpin’ of such Issaiana, but Vern will know where the bodies, so to speak, are buried, so I’ll leave updating to him.

Hat tip to Jillian Barclay, who wrote the above article and this one that tipped me to this last desperate attempt of Issa’s superego to assert itself on ABC.  Issa will no doubt now be having it surgically removed.

Jerry Tetalman is the other one in the Top Two in CA-49; he’s raising money here.  Tell him OJB sent you.

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