Have You Heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal? No? Well, you’d better…

Have you heard about The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) yet?  Neither did most of our elected officials until recently a secret draft was leaked that showed corporations having unprecedented special rights.  So what else is new you say? This new international agreement is Citizens United on steroids.    It states that transnational corporations setting up shop in the US, and any other country belonging to this partnership will be able to challenge their own laws and regulations.  If we don’t like what the corporations are doing like polluting the environment an international tribunal will decide who wins.  That tribunal will have the power to overrule US law and could impose trade sanctions on the United States if they didn’t do what they are told.  Can you say “One world government?”

The TPP could get rid of existing laws and prevent new progressive laws from being implemented in the future. The agreement could give corporations patent control over medicines and seeds. You think your meds cost a lot now? Want to pay $5 for a genetically modified banana?  The financial institutions could do as they please with our hard earned money without worrying about those pesky regulations.

This so called Trans- Pacific Partnership Agreement has nothing to do with free trade, and everything to do with giving corporations carte blanche over the lives of every single person in the world. There are eight nations who have joined so far and it looks like Mexico will jump on board next. Thank you very much, President Obama for courting them. Is this the change you were talking about in that eloquent speech you gave four years ago?

This is very bad news not just for the poor, the middle class, the Democrats or Republicans. It will affect the lives of everyone on the planet. This isn’t some science fiction movie. It’s real and coming, unless WE the Citizens of Planet Earth do something about it! Want to know what you can do? There’s a workshop happening tomorrow Wednesday in San Diego;

h ttps://www.facebook.com/messages/1037134190#!/events/386079468116572/

Get involved and carpool, take a train or bus and go to San Diego July 2nd. The TPP are meeting at the San Diego Hilton. Make your voice heard! Click on the link for more information  and share this with your family and neighbors.


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