Looking for Mr. Right…

Sexism aside; Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Elizabeth Dole, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Molly Hatcher, Kim Kardashian,  Gloria Allred……or even Gloria Steinem.  No, they are/were  all lovely people but none that  have yet to strike a cord that extends through the great proletariant that could ignite a great wave of excitement that would make for a really solid public perfect storm –  A Lady President of the United States!

Diane Keaton, looking for ... whoops, maybe that's a bad metaphor.

Remember Teddy Roosevelt?  A Republican, A Progressive Bull Moose, A Trust Buster?  The big game hunter that was perhaps the greatest Conservationalist in American history.  Teddy set the American Public on fire with his rhetoric, truth and political direction.  Arguably, Teddy was truly the first Independent Republican.  Teddy didn’t think like the Hartfords, the Harrimans or the Hanfords.  He wasn’t exactly buddy buddy with Boss Tweed, the Railroad Interest, the Rockefellers or the Banks.  Since the Pharmaceutical Industry was disjointed and in its infancy; Teddy didn’t need to deal with those folks either.  Since the Automobile Industry was in its infancy;  Teddy could be supportive without causing a major fervor of emotions.  Although the Buggy Whip and Buggy Manufacturers were a little upset having to retool for those black cloud belching machines that scared the horses and ran over old ladies and kids when the folks driving were drunk or not paying attention.  Teddy also liked Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison and Westinghouse of course!

OK, Ron Paul could be a good Right Thinker.  Limited Government?  Hmmm.  Even Teddy knew that as the rules change through the years, occasionally you had to readjust things.  Teddy knew that Special Interest had taken Indian Lands during the Andrew Jackson Administration.  Teddy knew that that the Reconstruction Carpet Baggers; raped, pillaged and plundered the south after the Civil War.  Ron Paul says he knows these things; but is yet to stand up to the Big Phrama, the AMA, Big Oil or the GMO Chemical Industries.  Sadly, Ron Paul is not spending his money on political advertising that does anything more that shout out about the debt.  He does occasionally attack the Military Industrial Complex and Big Investment Banking in very broad terms, but not so much.  Ron Paul does not offer solutions to our problems other than bringing all our troops back home, decommissioning our military and spending that money on paying off our yearly Federal deficit or part of our $17 trillion dollar debt.  Ron Paul is not going to the heart of the matter.  Ron is not our Mr. Right.

Remember Ronald Reagan?  Reagan came along after arguably the worst President in American History had been elected in 1976.  Who did Jimmy Carter beat in that election?  Gerald Ford!  You know, the one term President that Pardoned Richard Nixon?  That was an election that had two to draw from.  Both should have thrown in their cards and the American people should have elected “Bo Gritz” of the American Independent Party.  Bo wanted to go back to Vietnam and get our still confined POW’s.  Bo got 8% of the votes cast in 1976.  Back to Ronald Reagan; who had been a very contentious and very successful Governor of California in the 60’s and early 70’s.  Why Carter was so determined to run for a 2nd Term is still a concern for his mental stability.  We had the highest interest rates in American history.  He had a dysfunctional brother, the worst selection of Administration officials ever assembled and the dumbest ideas as well.

Reagan set us back on track with a strong Defense platform which including lots of spending, returning to fiscal stimulation to prime the pump for private industry and support of small businesses.  Ronnie and Nancy had class, no Peanut Farmer hoe downs for them.  They were at every event that supported our military and every event which brought an element of class back to the White House.  John Hinkley quicking wanted to end all that nonsense.  So, the kid with family ties to George Herbert Walker Bush shot down the Press Secretary James Brady, a Secret Service Agent and the President.  Reagan survived.  Reagan was no spring chicken either and when he survived…his second term was already written in stone – no matter what he did later.  Iran-Contra later proved that if you are an American Hero…..you will not be brought down.  Oliver North and the Chief of Naval Intelligence both got some short jail time – but Reagan survived and became our Mr. Right!  Oddly enough, Teddy Roosevelt was shot once as well…..in the chest and survived.  Yes, the Republicans have had two Mr. Rights!

In 2012, Mitt Romney will be the nominee of the Republican Party.  Romney is a bumbler.  Romney is seemingly another Gerald Ford, except he doesn’t seem to fall down as much.  His statements are either ill timed, ill advised or non sequitur responses seemingly the wrong questions or wrong applications.  We doubt seriously that this type of behavior is transitory.  It truly seems endemic to the Romney character.  His sense of propriety is remarkably allocated for the rich and famous.  Getting down with the little people, doesn’t seem like a Romney trait.  Even Ron Paul has more of an approachable character than Romney.

Remember George W. Bush?  George had the lovely Laura.  George talked the talk and tried to walk the walk.  We give George W.  a solid B minus for at least trying to be Mr. Right.  George W. had 911 to deal with, the War on Terror, The War on Drugs, the War on Iraq, the War on Afghanistan and of course having to deal with all those Oil Interest pals,  BP and Haliburton, Banking Investment Interest pals, The Military Industrial Complex folks and of course…his mom and dad.  George and Laura did as well as they could under the circumstances.  It was a tough gig and George W. didn’t back down.  People attacked his military record, his “Mission Accomplished” landing on the Aircraft Carrier and all his Cabinet Members that even included Vice President Dick Cheney.  George and Laura were not exactly Mr. & Mrs. Right…..but close enough that we still like them alot.

The future of the Republican Party at this point looks pretty bleak.  Chris Christie talks the talk – but needs to lose 75 lbs.  Marco Rubio talks the talk but cannot run as a Romney Running Mate and ever become President in the years ahead.  Jeb Bush is still in the running for 2016, but that moniker as “another Bush” may still haunt him.  There are several Republican Congress folks that are good ones; Darrell Issa, John Shadegg  and the young Duncan Hunter – but then when was the last time a Congressperson got elected to the Presidency?  Well, the doors to the Republican Party are wide open.  Will Scott Brown, the Moderate Republican Senator from Massachusetts be defeated by the wonderful Elizabeth Warren?  Could any east coast  moderate Republican ever be Mr. Right?  Probably not!

One last thought;  Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.  Since nearly a million Americans died in the conflict that followed, that leaves us thinking that he may have been Right….but just not Mr. Right!

Guess we will still have to spend some more time…..Looking for Mr. Right!

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