Fullerton Democratic/Chen Campaign HQ Opens Saturday!

Poster for DNOC Campaign HQ opening

Democrats in North Orange County — many of whose districts now cross the Puente Hills thanks to the imperial conquest of the region by Diamond Bar during the redistricting process — have been getting their act together for 2012.  We — and see my disclaimer at the end of this post  if you still haven’t memorized it by now — are getting a head start on the election season  even though most of us are guaranteed spots on the November ballot.  There’s an strange feeling around — a sense that we have our act together.  We could get used to this!

The campaign headquarters is jointly rented by the club “Democrats of North Orange County” and the “Jay Chen for Congress” campaign, which then rent space to other candidates including Your Faithful Correspondent.  It is located at 215 W. Commonwealth Ave. in Fullerton, next to the Fullerton Police Station, with parking available on the streets, behind the building, and in a lot across the street.

The arrival of the Chen campaign team has been a welcome shot in the arm for long-struggling Democrats in the area.  It turns out that Democrats in Los Angeles County are used to winning and know how to make it happen.  The office has already started buzzing with phone banks and strategy sessions.  Now it’s time to fill it up with volunteers.

And so: this Saturday, the headquarters will be opened to the public for the first time, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  (Various campaigns will also try to dragoon people into making calls or walking precincts, but just showing up to enjoy the refreshment does not obligate anyone to do so.)  It’s a comparatively huge space compared to most Democratic campaign offices I’ve seen in the county, enough so that we eventually expect to be showing movies there for volunteers — and we may move in a keyboard to see if we can attract Vern to hang around.  (He’s finding out about that plan at the same time that you are, Dear Reader.)  Plans for free yoga classes have not yet been completed.

For most candidates in Orange County, outside of the Fullerton recall and CD-47 and ADs 69 and 72 and 74 (and a few others), this is going to be a fairly quiet primary.  Many of us are not doing much campaigning; saving our money for the fall.  For most of us, the real race is in November.  But the notion that Democrats have a large space where we can host activists, college students, candidates, media, and so on — and that we’ll have it all the way through November — that is pretty exciting to us.  Stop by on Saturday to see if maybe it will excite you as well!

[Disclaimers — I am a Democratic candidate for State Senate, I rent a space within the office, I’m a member of and am endorsed by DNOC, and so on.  I’m hopelessly conflicted here, but at least I’m trying to be up front about it and to write the story honestly!]

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