Ed Royce Apparently Thinks That Voters are Incredibly Stupid

Annotated E-mail from CalVoterGuide

How stupid does Ed Royce think that you are? Very, very, very stupid.

Yesterday, I received the worst campaign e-mail so far this year.  It’s for a slate mailer called “Cal Voter Guide” — one of those “pay for play” suckers that tried to get me to pay money to get onto the mailer before my opponent did.  I have their contact information and wrote their contact person (and owner?) asking for comment; they didn’t get back to me, so I’m posting.

The green comments — with occasional red for emphasis — are mine.  The rest is the e-mail that I received.  Yes, this is a voter guide FOR DEMOCRATS that tells them to vote for Ed Royce and Ken Williams, Jr.  (By the way, at this point I don’t care whether Williams’s opponent, Mary Galuska, is a hallucinating comatose cannibal — I’m voting for her as a protest.  Note: to clarify, Galuska isn’t any of those.  Williams also is reportedly neither comatose nor a cannibal.)

The e-mail also lies about Prop 28 — finally making up my mind to support it — and repeats a particularly stupid argument about Prop 29, to the same effect.  There’s also a judge mentioned in the e-mail, whose name I will not include because maybe she actually does want to appeal to Democrats with respect rather than contempt.

How many others of you got an e-mail from Cal Voter Guide?  Let us know in comments!

The only way that this sort of thing will blow up in people’s faces is to place it in bright sunlight so that it can wither and steam like a movie vampire.  So let everyone else know that you’re not fooled and you’re not happy to be thought a fool.  (And if any Democrats are out there trying to take advantage of low-information Republican voters — and, oh yes, there are plenty of those — by all means give them the same treatment!)

Can anyone out there ask the Royce campaign for a comment?  I don’t think they’re taking my calls.

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