What this country needs is a good Anglo American Airline!

Mark Zuckerberg on a whim bought Instagram for a cool Billion dollars, out of his personal petty cash account.  Richard Branson is busy spending Billions and Billions on his new improved International Space Program.  Bill and Melinda Gates are busy spending Billions and Billions feeding African kids and women.  Hey, we are not faulting any of their choices.  We are very happy that the rich and powerful can do whatever they want…whenever they want.  Noble endeavors are like that.  You can find George Clooney speaking and testifying before Congress trying to save the people of Sudan North and South.  You still can even find Bridget Bardot and Tippi Hedren after all these years still trying to protect animals.

Well folks, the United States has some problems.  They say our debt is unsustainable, they say we have to downgrade Medicare because we don’t have enough money to pay for the accelerating number of Baby Boomers being added to Medicare every year.  They say that the Social Security Trust Fund is going to run out of cash in 20 years, because the legislators have stolen the cash and put it into the General Fund.  They say that every American will have to do more with less and not even find a Pension in their future at the end of the trail – after 30 to 40 years of dedicated service.

Well, how about this?  Branson-Gates & Zuckerberg join together and buy out American Airlines.  These three special people figure out a way to save the great American Icon that represents this country and all that is good and responsible in it.  The 130,000 folks that work at American might find a ” Carlos Castaneda – Separate Reality” in their future.  Not a bunch of “Corporate Greed”, not a bunch of unfeeling nameless Board of Directors and not a desire to downsize and send the work to foreign outsource locations. The new American Airlines would set the standard in every direction.  The technology, the aircraft, the quality of service and the best, dedicated customers in America and the World.

It all starts at the top and we need these great people to help our country from the bottom up.  We need the rich and powerful to make things happen and set the trend for the entire global corporate environment.  Imagine the pride for each employee knowing they have the best and brightest minds in control of their company.  Imagine the excellence and the quality of setting the highest standards in the Airline Industry!  Hey, Magic Johnson bought the LA Dodgers with a bunch of folks with bucks.  What’s wrong with Branson-Zuckerberg and Gates buying American Airlines?

What this country needs is a good Anglo American Airline!

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