The days of the NBA and NFL are numbered!

Kobe Bryant being brutalized by invisible opponent during better times for the Lakers.

As a life long Laker fan we can simply say:  Time for Mike Brown to go.  He has a weird style.  We don’t exactly know what that “style” is, but whatever it is…it is not a very “supportive style” for the either the players or the fans.  Let’s just say:  “Something is missing!”.  Our hearts go out to the Laker Nation and fans with all those vintage Kobie jerseys.  That about sums it up for the Lakers!  Can’t they bring back Lamar Odom and the Kardashians Reality TV?  Don’t forget, Karl Marx stated;  The media is the opiate of the people!

Next comes the Clippers, the next great under expectation.  Blake Griffin is awesome, maybe injured.  Chris Paul is awesome, maybe injured.  The Clippers in general are awesome, but something is still wrong with their mix of players.  Sort of like ordering a Scotch and Tonic….yuk!  We may like  good  Scotch, but mix it with Tonic…..not so much.

And what about that “Wunderkind” Jeremy Lin for the Nets?  Let’s let that issue lay for a couple of years and see how he might stand up to the League pressure.  Nah, Maurice Stottelmeyer is also sometimes cool…..but then…..nah! What about the Miami Heat with Lebron James, Dwayne (the Kobie Killer) Wade and all those near do well “Superstars”?  Nope!  Superman Dwight Howard is trade fodder for the Orlando Magic……..nah!  NO, we don’t want him with the Lakers either!  Give him to the Clippers!

A shortened NBA season, a very uninspired group of Super Stars with none volunteering to play in the Olympics.  What is that all about?  David Stern has “screwed the pooch” in 2012 and hopefully he will be leaving next year.  Maybe….maybe not!  Hey, that Sweet 16 is looking  pretty darn good compared to the NBA…..pretty darn good!

Now comes the NFL.  The “No Fun League” is about to disappoint again.  “Bounty Hits”?  Oh, this is supposed to be “a surprise” revelation?  What happened to Carson Palmer a few years back when they played the Pittsburgh Steelers in a play-off game?  The list is long and this type of behavior has been going on for probably 20 years…across the league.  No isolated incidents.  The hot Wide Receiver…..dusted on the 2nd play of the game.  A hot Running Back….dusted on the 10th play of the game.  A hot Quarterback…..dusted before the 3rd Quarter.  Just in case you think this behavior is new and special for the New Orleans Saints, get a grip.  Terry Bradshaw, when he played with the Pittsburgh Steelers, used to be taken out of the games against the dreaded Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Houston Oilers and Detroit Lions on a regular basis.  The tough Bradshaw kept coming back like the Energizer Bunny.  He may have suffered three concussions in several games, but kept playing.  We never liked Peyton Manning much, but their is every reality possibility, that “Bounty Hits” probably ended his career.  It certainly was a method used against Tom Brady, Michael Vick and a variety of other NFL Quarterbacks – whether you like or approve of these folks or not.

The NFL is facing a 2012 PR nightmare which may be only the very tip of the iceberg.  Game fixing is another issue which is yet to come to light.  Game fixing is alot harder to prove, but along the use of Human Growth Hormones and Enhancement Drugs of all stripes……the dirt will be coming long and hard.  In the words of most NFL Football Players…..”This is just entertainment…ya know?”  For those who have never seen “North Dallas Forty” with Mac Davis and Nick Nolte………..if you truly believe in the NFL……watch that movie.  By the way, the NCAA needs to focus and  police this issue for Colleges and Universities around the country, just as much as the Pros do!  Game fixing and point shaving have always been an ongoing concern.  The missed Field Goals in 2011, during play-off games were both obnoxious and atrocious!  There should be a rule:  If the kicker misses a winning field goal in a play-off game, they should immediately be traded or dumped from the team – never to play for that team again.

Can the NBA and the NFL be saved as sports for the American Sports Fan?  This is really the wrong quesiton.  The American Sports Fan is going to gamble, do their Fantasy Football and Basketball Leagues no matter how dirty the party may be, but their families, kids, business associates and friends may not be so hyped.  This directly affects these League’s bottom line.  It affects the sales of their Memorabilia, Sports Jerseys, Footballs, Basketballs and of course lots of beer and pizza that will not be consumed at home or at that local bar with screaming fans glued to their local bar jumbo or gumbotron.

How can these Leagues be saved:  Strict enforcement; banishment from the League for illegal hits, banishment for the use of enhancement drugs, banishment for associations with organized crime folks, banishment for illegal negotiations with sponsors and agents which are required by strict enforcement of League rules.  All criminal activity must require immediate suspension of playing time until the situation is completely resolved through the courts.  If that means loss of playing time or pay for two years or more…..tough luck.  So called “frivolous or supported lawsuits from business associations” may be excluded.  Accusations of rape, family or marital abuse or other phyiscal aggrevated assaults with non family members – all should require a DA to file an arrest warrant that is supported by sworn testimony and evidence – before suspension of playing time.

This issue we have brought up before.  We don’t want folks to think we are beating the proverbial dead horse, but nothing has been happening.  We have cautioned that the veracity of the players, coaches, owners and League dictate whether these Leagues will prosper or fail,  based on their own bloated elitism and lack of fan support when things go wrong.

Finally, we need to bring up MLB – Major League Baseball, because they may actually have gotten the message and are at least “trying” to keep a lid on the many abuses and dirty business going on.  This League has taken to task some of the greatest stars in MLB history.  Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds and a variety of frequently mentioned Hall of Fame candidates; famous pitchers and even the recent Rookie of the Year….whether that accusation is or was correct or not. 

The NBA and NFL need to grasp the concept and get their acts together……and while many folks will say:  We still have the San Antonio Spurs, The Dallas Mavericks or the Chicago Bulls…we say:  BULL!

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