A few notes and corrections to Pedroza’s June ballot picks

Primary picks from Pravda are out!

Self-hating Republican blogger Art Pedroza published his picks for the June ballot today.  I know that many people won’t click on his links, so I summarize his choices here as a personal favor to him.

U.S. Senate – He supports Elizabeth Emken over Barbara Boxer.  “I have never been a fan of Senator Barbara Boxer, but the GOP has never been able to displace her.  I suspect they will fail again this year.”  He’s right, they will fail.  Boxer ran in 2010.  Feinstein is the one running this year.

39th Congressional District – He supports my Occupy colleague D’Marie Mulattieri over Ed Royce.  Nice, but he doesn’t appear to know that School Board member Jay Chen is also running for the post.  (You file in the county where you live; within this tri-county district, Chen lives in LA.  He’s been spending a lot of time in OC, though.)

45th, 46th Congressional Districts — so long as it’s not the Democrat.

47th, 48th  Congressional Districts – supports candidates whom no one thinks can win.  Does not seem to know that an actual Democrat is running in CA-48.

29th, 37th State Senate Districts – Prefers Republicans, no matter how conservative.

65th, 69th Assembly Districts — love makes people do some strange things.

68th, 73rd Assembly Districts – he is willing to support longshot Democrats against wealthy incumbents.

72nd Assembly District – supports Joe Dovinh, emphasizing that he was a former DTS.  Some apparent intraparty Republican grudges apparently apply here.

74th Assembly District – Leslie Daigle over “Mexican basher Alan Mansoor.”  Says “sayonara Mansoor!” rather than “Adios Mansoor!”  [Confusing.  Mental note: check whether Mansoor is also a Japanese basher.]

Supervisor, First District – Prefers candidate he describes as nutty.

Supervisor, Third District – Suggests that people vote for friendless violence-inciting Muslim-basher Deborah Pauly.  Oh dear.  Note to Pauly: please, please, put this endorsement on your website!

Fullerton Recall: supports Jane Rands of the Green Party to replace Bankhead.  Does not state support for recalling Bankhead, though.  Supports Travis Kiger to replace Dick Jones. Does not state support for recalling Jones.  Does not state support for recalling McKinley.

Pedroza often emphasizes that he is not back to being a Republican — he just supports mostly Republicans (11 in 18 races where he makes a pick), including one so crazy-racist that the GOP itself will barely touch her, as well as a Green, a DTS or two, two longshot Dems, and one Dem personal friend of his, and one Dem married to a Republican and running against people he seems to hate.  There you go!

[Disclaimer: to my relief, I am among the candidates not endorsed.  That did not provoke this post, though.  The non-endorsement of Boxer, non-recognition of Chen, and slamming of Sukhee and Loretta in the first four items did.  I had planned on just commenting there, but I quickly realized that I was going to have a lot of mistakes and head-scratchers to point out, so I came here instead.]

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