A little radical feminist humor to start the work week off right




List of Sexual Assault Prevention Tips telling men not to assault women

Sexual Assault Prevention for men ... She-Bears take note! Source: tumblinfeminist.tumblr.com.

If you live a good life and your heart remains pure, you may end up with some really amusing Facebook friends.  (Admittedly, that’s not the only way to make it happen.)  I’ve been blessed in the Facebook-friend category.  One of them recently sent out a link to this poster, which mocks the women’s self-defense and assault-prevent curriculum (worthwhile though it is on its own terms) by reminding everyone that there is a much more basic curriculum out there that needs to be taught to men and boys (and, I suppose, some women as well.)

This is my first introduction to this website, which has a healthy dose of humor and writing that seems to stretch from liberal to radical feminist.  (Which is this, by the way, and why?  Discuss!)  As we have a disproportionately male commentariat, this is a good chance for our sisters to come out and give their perspectives.  And, as soon as the first commenter out there asserts that this poster (or maybe, more subtly, the website whence it comes) is “man-hating,” I’m looking forward to bringing in lot of new commenters to start the week off right.

There’s almost too much to write about right now, by the way — so stay tuned later today and for the next few days for commentary on the California Democratic Party Convention and OC-related developments, of which there are going to be a bunch.  (Fellow, contributors, please feel welcome to beat me to it!)

And if one of the Fullerton activists reading this could pass it on to Pat McKinley to use in his next “She-Bear” seminar, that would be great.  (He really should include it, after all.)

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