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Speaker John Perez

Speaker Perez, preparing for Orange Juice's liveblog.

I’ll be liveblogging the State of the State Address, beginning at 10:00 today.  I hope that SOPA opponents will understand: we only get one of these every year or so, so it’s sort of big news.  I’ll try to violate copyright law occasionally while doing so so the spirit of the day is not lost.

(While we’re waiting, did you see the story that the author of the Stop Internet Piracy Act is himself a copyright violator?  Ha!)

10:05 — Things are not starting on time!  This assumes that they were supposed to start at 10.

10:07 — Brown preparing to be escorted in.  He is wearing a primarily black ensemble, light shirt, goldish tie.  Ann Gust Brown’s outfit appears to be coordinated, possibly unintentionally.  Gavin Brown looks more than ever like he is being dressed and groomed by Pat Riley’s servants.  Lots of black ensembles, with Bowen and Dave Jones in gray.  Betty Yee in persimmon.  She’s out to shake up Sacramento!

For those wondering how much of this will be tongue-in-cheek — well, at least the above paragraph.  We’ll see how much more as we  go forward!

Steinberg up now and is repeatedly buffering, or being buffered.  This may put this liveblog well behind real time if it keeps up.

No, false alarm — apparently we’ll stay up in real time, but will just miss some of the plays.  That, or Steinberg did just suddenly turn into Newsom.  Wait, now it does seem to be saving everything, so we may be late.

Brown up, making “one notation,” noting that Republicans put out critique of his speech 24 hours ago before it was completed.  Makes fun of Connie Conway and Bob Huff for being precognitive.

“California is on the mend.”  Last year, $20MM structural deficit.  Now, problem is 1/4 of last year.  Made the reductions and difficult decisions, but have unfinished business of closing remaining gap.  Need more cuts and temporary taxes.  Road to hell is paved with good intentions, and digging hole is bad idea — need prudence and paying down debt.  He dislikes the cuts, and likes the fair & temporary initiative, 1/2 of what paying in 2010.  Wants more permanent tax reform in time.

Brorn attacks “dystopian journalists” writing us off.  Notes slower recovery, but are not coming back.  Personal income grew by a billion and created 230,000 jobs.  Puts down Texas, proud of DREAM Act.  Likes Silicon Valley.  Most venture capital — 52% of state.  4x better than next most, MA.  Rumors of CA’s demise are greatly exaggerated.  Audience applauds there.  Brown gets environmentalist, promotes high-speed rail.  Long laundry list of areas to address goes past quickly.

10:23 — Brown gives lots of time to GOBIZ office.  Big on energy efficient construction and manufacture.  Brown focuses on weaning from oil.  Wanted 20K MW of renewables by 2020.  Already looking at 16K MW (current plans, not production.)  Big on green jobs, cleaning the air.  Environmentalist theme dominating speech so far.  Will include cap & trade.  Getting lots of “clean job” investment; world (not just U.S.) leader.

10:27 — High Speed Rail time!  Not a new idea.  30 years ago started study, now getting close to putting it through.  Now evaluate the plan and go forward — urges approval.  Brown notes many critics of big plans who are wrong then, including Disraeli, and other critics are wrong now.

Brown seems very energetic and engaged.  Looking at this speech, you would not get the sense that there’s any realistic chance of his not running for re-election.  He doesn’t sound like someone who is tired of governing.

10:30 — Brown turns to water issue.  Ensuring water for 25 million Californians, plus agriculture.  Hope you enjoyed the earlier part of the speech, environmentalists!

10:31 — Brown goes to school.  Makes fun of education experts, who are “salutary” and “edifying,” but “some humility is called for.”    Delineate responsibility between levels of power.  Avoid more decisions concentrated at federal and state level.  Leave real work for those closest to students.  (Lots of applause here.  Republicans joining in more?)  Don’t impose excessive or detailed mandates.  Weighted formula that provides extra for disadvantages and ESL students.  Must have more tax $ to this most basic public service.  Brown says have lots of tests here, but data doesn’t come until school year is over.

10:34 — Governor begins buffering.  Can this be the end of the liveblog?

10:36 — Governor unbuffers for one second.  “… speak to you.  The ranking …”  You heard it here first!  Actually, if you’re watching somewhere other than the Intertubes, you probably didn’t.

10:41 — Still buffering.  Attempt to live-blog aborted.  Please work on high-technology.

Summary: California on the mend.  Brown pushes environmental “green jobs” programs hard.  Salutary and edifying must retain humility.  Connie Conway and Bob Huff are psychic but refuse to help state with stock tips.

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