Obama Murdegate Scandal Grows as I Get My Own Hashtag



I have been stunned to watch the audacity of folks like Greg Diamond that actually say that they want the Obama Murdergate scandal to be a major campaign issue this November.  Evidently the deaths of 200+ Mexican National and United States Federal Agent Brian Terry as a direct result of Obama administration actions is the left’s idea of “no big deal.”  It is and always has been a big deal to me.  Eric Holder’s disdain for the topic is comical and harkens back to key member of the Nixon Administration during Watergate.

I have been following with some interest the coverage of the Obama Murdergate scandal and have watched it morph from rather tepid to its current boiling state as more and more information comes out and the obvious extent of the coverup continues to grow.  Of course folks like Mr. Diamond will now use another favorite tactic of the left – if caught red handed either completely change the subject or say “oh yeah” and point out how someone else is just as bad or worse.  All that matters is that these actions and the subsequent coverup were taken exclusively under the direction of the Obama Administration – at a time when we are soon going to be asked to evaluate the character of this administration through the exercise of democracy.

I was curious to see a huge jump in the use of the term “Murdergate” and was pleasantly surprised to find that this term has been assigned its own hashtag (#) on Twitter that allows users to quickly search and find threads dealing with this scandal.  First coined in the June 22, 2011 Juice story “Obama Murdergate Scandal Set to Break”   (http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/06/obama-murdergate-scandal-set-to-break/) this term is being widely spread in recognition of the seriousness of this matter that resulted in hundreds of unnecessary deaths as a direct result of Obama Administration actions.

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