Fear of a Black Internet





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What is SOPA? It’s the Stop Online Privacy Act — the reason that many Internet sites, including Wikipedia, have chosen to go down today.  (It’s also the reason that Google is giving you a black box as its daily “doodle.”  They’re trying to get your attention.)

You can find out more about SOPA, and who’s supporting  this day of action, at this link: : SOPA Strike.

We’ll print more on SOPA some day when we don’t have to use white-on-white, because we’re not sure how many of our readers will know to highlight the words in order to read them.  Plus, plenty has been said elsewhere.

Oh yeah: this site itself is among those that might be threatened by SOPA, as are many of your favorites, so if you want to retain the Internet as we have known it, contact your members of Congress.  Parts of the Internet have gone dark for one day today; in the future, if SOPA passes, it could be much worse.

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